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Sermon Series

Discover thousands of compelling sermon series

Begin exploring timely sermon series that speak to the most pressing needs of your congregation. With sound biblical theology for a world that continues to change and content that addresses your congregation’s felt needs.

What type of series?


Find sermon series on popular topics the people in your congregation are facing in their lives.


We have sermon series from every book of the Bible so you can dive deeper with your church.


Explore compelling, stand-alone sermon series for your Christmas, Easter, and other holidays.

Ministry Pass Sermon Series
Sermon Calendars

Organize your sermons

Our sermon calendars give you the ability to walk your congregation through the Bible with a more intentional and balanced discipleship.

Research Materials

Save hours of research using our helpful guides

Most pastors don’t have time to do all the research needed for a compelling sermon. Ministry Pass gives you sermon guides for every week of your sermon series.

Series guides

Save time during sermon preparation by using research content, creative ideas, and powerful illustrations from our series guides.

Biblical Text

Get a list of curated scriptures to help make your sermon preparation quicker. Every message comes with multiple passages for your review.

Sermon Illustrations

Get access to our fresh sermon illustrations library so you can illuminate the Gospel in a new light. Help your congregation comprehend and apply what you are preaching using illustrations.

Big Idea

Preach with precision using our big idea or crafting your own. Whenever your congregation leaves, this will be the one thing they remember and apply.

Talking Points

Get expanded talking point ideas so you can preach with absolute effectiveness. Make the sermon your own using your unique perspective or our talking point ideas, or both!

Small Group Questions

Continue the sermon in conversations with small group questions. Equip your group leaders with easy to use content that further enhances what you preached during the message.

Brian - Happy Ministry Pass Customer

“We have been using Ministry Pass for a few years now and we love it! The calendars are super helpful, our whole pastoral/ministry staff loves this resource!!!”

Brian Beauford – Executive Pastor, Grace Church

Grow Your Ministry Without Burning Out

Get unlimited access to time-saving sermon and media resources

Sermon Illustrations

Elevate your message with inspiring illustrations

Explore hundreds of new and fresh sermon illustrations curated by our team to save you a tremendous amount of time during your sermon preparation each week.

Avoid wasting time looking for the perfect illustration when you use Ministry Pass.

Church Graphics

A media library that boosts your communications

Stop wasting time. Get the graphics you need to promote your ministry or build compelling slides that make your sermons memorable.

What type of graphics?


Find the perfect graphics packages to boost awareness in service or online.


Increase attendance for all of your holiday events using our graphics bundles.


Whether it’s Baptism Sunday or a graduation service, you can find what you need quickly and easily.


Every graphic comes with social media files so you can engage people online.


Add a professional touch to your service videos

Keep your services running smoothly with video content from Ministry Pass. Every sermon series includes a sermon bumper intro and countdown videos to engage your audience.

Happy Ministry Pass Customer

“These guys have tons of resources and help make the preaching side a little easier. Glad to have found Ministry Pass!”

Welby Pierce – Lead Pastor, Hope Rising Church

Ministry Pass Sermon Series
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