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10 Ways to Grow Community

Community matters, but it's really hard to create.

We were created to live in community, but creating it in the context of the local church can be really difficult. There is an irony to all of our efforts. It seems like people who need it the most can’t find it. 

That’s one area where the church can really thrive.

10 Ways to Grow Community in Your Church

1. Organize Small Groups

Start by creating small groups within the church. These can be groups that study the Bible, read books together, or even help out in the community. Small groups are like mini-families within the bigger church family. They help people connect on a deeper level.

It’s much easier to talk and get to know people when you’re in a small group. And, because small groups meet during the week, people are not only connecting on Sundays. It keeps the church community going all week long.

2. Use Social Media the Right Way

In this digital age, having an active online presence is vital. Create social media channels to keep the community updated and inspired. Share updates, live stream events, and post inspirational content to engage the congregation.

However, keep in mind that digital engagement should not replace in-person interaction but enhance it. It serves as an additional layer of communication, allowing the community spirit to flourish both online and offline.

One of the best ways to use social media to create community is meeting a need. There are so many great tools which help churches leverage their platforms beyond their four walls. One that we love is Front Door. Check them out by clicking the green button below.

3. Plan Events for All Ages

Events that cater to specific age groups are common, but the power of intergenerational activities cannot be overstated. By organizing events that include everyone, the community gains the richness of diversity and the wisdom of different life experiences.

Younger generations can learn from the experiences and wisdom of older members, and likewise, older generations can gain fresh perspectives from the younger members. It’s a synergistic relationship that strengthens the community.

Consider throwing a bonfire fellowship at your church. You supply the kindling and logs. We’ve got all the graphics you need to promote it!

4. Celebrate the Good Times

Big or small, milestones should be celebrated. When someone has a birthday, does well in school, or hits another life goal, make it known! A simple shoutout during a service or a small gift can go a long way.

Celebrating milestones makes everyone feel important and valued. Plus, it shows that the church isn’t just about serious stuff; it’s also about sharing joy and good times together.

5. Help Others Together

Service projects offer dual benefits: they fulfill a societal need and also serve as bonding experiences for church members. Volunteering for local initiatives or organizing service days can create shared memories and a sense of communal accomplishment.

Moreover, community service acts as an outward expression of the church’s values, making a positive impression on the local community and potentially drawing in new members.

6. Have a Support Team

Life isn’t always easy, and that’s why having a support system matters. Sometimes churches call these “care teams” or “Stephen Ministers.” Whatever you end up calling them, these men and women make sure that people don’t fall through the cracks when life crisis hits. Form a team or a group focused on supporting people going through tough times. It can be about lending a listening ear, giving advice, or just being there for someone.

Knowing that there’s a support network in the church makes people feel safer and more connected. It’s like having a safety net of friends and mentors who’ve got your back. Just be sure people know who to reach out to when they have crisis.

7. Say Hi to New Faces

First impressions are crucial. Assign a group of people to welcome new attendees and provide them with useful information. An informative welcome packet can include details about church activities, small groups, and other ways to get involved.

The easier it is for new people to engage, the more likely they are to become an active part of the community. Providing them with resources helps ease their transition into active participation.

8. Be a Part of the Local Community

Don’t just keep the fun and good vibes inside the church—take it to the streets! Participate in local fairs, charity events, or neighborhood clean-ups. Invite members to come along and also welcome folks from the neighborhood to join in.

Being active in the local community extends the reach of your church and also attracts new members. Plus, it shows that your congregation is about more than words; it’s about action.

9. Keep Everyone in the Loop

Transparency is crucial for any organization to thrive. Regularly update the congregation on church activities, financial status, and future plans. Town-hall-style meetings offer a forum for questions and encourage collective decision-making.

By keeping the lines of communication open, you foster an environment of trust and shared responsibility, both of which are essential for community building.

10. Preach on community

Sometimes, the best way to effect change in our churches is to cast the vision. People want to follow vision, and community is a real need.

Consider doing a sermon series on community that amplifies our need to be in relationships with other believers. 

So, Let’s Do This!

Your church can be a place where everyone feels like they’re part of a big family. By using these 10 tips, you’ll not only make church more fun but also build a strong community that sticks together.

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