5 Ways to Make Dad Feel Special at Church this Father's Day

At many churches, three of the weekends with highest attendance are Easter, Christmas, and Mother’s Day. But don’t forget to celebrate Father’s Day as well! Father’s Day can be a great opportunity to reach out to your community, celebrate men, and show God’s love. Here are five ways to make dads feel special at church this Father’s Day.

Acknowledge Men in Every Life Stage

As you celebrate dads at church this Father’s Day, spend some time acknowledging men in other life stages as well. It’s likely you have men in your congregation who wish they were fathers or who recently had children move out of the house. Holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are painful for many people, so make sure you’re sensitive to their pain. 

In addition to celebrating biological and foster fathers, celebrate people who have taken a fatherly role in someone else’s life! Even if someone doesn’t have children of their own, they’ve probably mentored younger people, including their nieces, nephews, and grandchildren. Celebrate anyone who’s taken a fatherly role in someone else’s life.

Preach a Sermon Dedicated to the Dads

This is a given that we’re sure you’re planning on doing already. Preaching a sermon that is specifically dedicated to the dads in your church not only honors them as fathers, but can be used as an example of God’s presence and love for his children. Here are a few Father’s Day sermon series on Ministry Pass that would be great to use for this special day. (Plus: All three series guides can be imported right into your Sermonary dashboard so you can begin your sermon writing and preparation with ease!)

The Power of Parenting: Father’s Day


Father’s Day


Lasting Legacy: A Father’s Day Message

Involve Kids in the Celebration

Bring the kids and youth at your church into the celebration! Let kids make a craft for their fathers or grandfathers in your Kids’ Ministry classes. If possible, surprise dads with a high quality project, like a coffee mug, decorated tie, or painted canvas. 

Invite middle and high school students into the celebration as well. Plan a Father’s Day decorating day at the church, letting students help create a fun atmosphere for the weekend. Buy props and supplies for a photobooth and let your students set it up using their own ideas and imagination. 

Give Fathers a Gift

Nothing says “we appreciate you” like a gift. Buy dads a small gift like a mug, tshirt, coffee card, or sunglasses. As mentioned before, involve the kids or youth in creating or displaying the gifts. 

Want to take this idea to the next level? In addition to small gifts for every dad who attends, create a Father’s Day gift basket and ask men to fill out your Connection Card to enter a drawing to win. This will allow you to continue the conversation with them after Father’s Day, since you’ll have their contact information. 

Serve Food

Everyone loves food! This Father’s Day, host a barbeque or potluck after church. Ask your fellowship team or a women’s group to plan, prepare, and serve the meal so the fathers in your church can enjoy it without doing any of the work. 

Or, instead of a barbeque or potluck, host a Bacon Festival! Create trays of different flavored bacon (chocolate dipped, caramel dipped, and more) and allow people to sample all the flavors. Put together a gift basket with bacon-themed prizes and a package of bacon and give it away to one lucky winner!

Continue the Celebration

Don’t just celebrate fathers once a year – keep the celebration going! To show fathers and other men that you value and care about them, launch a new mens’ discipleship group or small group (or promote your current groups). Host other events for men over the summer. Don’t let the celebration end. Dads and other men in your church will feel even more special if you’re intentional about connecting with them, reaching them, and ministering to them year-round.

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