7 Great Questions to Ask Other Church Leaders You Respect

7 Great Questions to Ask Other Church Leaders You Respect

Picture this: you and your team have a full day with a few church leaders you respect the most. They don’t live in the same area as you do, so this is a rare occasion. So…

What do you ask them?

Maybe the situation is a bit different and you’re at a conference and there’s a Q&A session. What are some questions you would ask?

No matter what the situation is, it’s a good idea to have a list of questions at the ready for when you’re with church leaders who you respect. Great leaders ask great questions because great leaders are great learners.

Let’s dive in…

7 Great Questions to Ask Other Church Leaders You Respect

1. What would you be focusing on if you were in our situation?

This question requires time for you to give context, but if you have the time, this is a great question because it’s likely that the people you’re talking to have been through what you’re going through.

A change in focus changes your direction. And that could change everything.

2. How are you developing leaders as a church?

I’m always, always curious about this question because what I’ve found is that many churches aren’t doing anything. At The Crossing, we’re actively building out our Leadership Pipeline system. But going through this process just drives home why it isn’t happening in a lot of places. It takes a TON of intentionality and focus to make it happen. Especially given the fact that Sunday is always coming.

If the church leaders you’re sitting down with are setting their church up for good health for years to come, they’re likely developing leaders well. Pick their brain and take notes.

3. How do you allocate resources for future expansion?

This is a not-so-talked-about topic. But it’s an important one that needs our attention. How can your church allocate resources so that when ministry opportunities come your way, you can act on it?

For example, you may find that some church leaders are setting their budget at an amount that is 10% less than what was brought in the prior year. Why? So that the extra resources can be available for future expansion. Ever wonder how Life Church opens up campus after campus without ever doing a capital campaign? This is what they do. Is it transferrable to your church? Maybe.

Regardless, ask this question and see what other church leaders say. If local churches are going to thrive tomorrow, we have to think and plan for tomorrow, today.

4. Who are you learning from?

It’s always interesting to see who other church leaders are learning from. And the best thing to do when you hear their answers is to look those people up and start learning from them too.

I love when a leader mentions a list of names I’ve never heard of before.

And a follow-up question to this would be, what are they teaching you?

5. What are you most excited about right now?

This question excites me just thinking about it.

The possibilities are endless. The answer you get might surprise you.

6. What are you currently reading?

I love finding out what other leaders are reading. Are we friends on Goodreads?

Here’s a list of different types of books all pastors should read.

7. What are you most thankful you started in the last twelve months?

Maybe they started something that they weren’t sure was going to work. Maybe they started something that they had been putting off.

This question can open the door to stories upon stories of God’s work in their midst.

Make Your List

Great leaders ask great questions because great leaders are great learners.

So make your list of questions you’ll ask other church leaders you respect. Take your list with you when you meet someone for coffee or over a meal. Take it with you when you go to conferences.

Learn all you can from leaders you respect. You’ll be glad you did.

Brandon Kelley is a pastor at The Crossing on the east side of Cincinnati. He is the managing editor of Ministry Pass, co-founder of RookiePreacher.com, and the author of Preaching Sticky Sermons. You can connect with him on Twitter @BrandonKelley_.

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