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Best 2023 Christmas Sermons

Here are our top ten picks for Christmas 2023

Christmas is not just about the twinkling lights, gifts, and carols; and we all get this. But it can be genuinely difficult connect our people to the greater realities of Jesus’s incarnation with so many distractions in the holiday season.

So, maximize your impact with these top-tier Christmas sermon series and guides. Each one is about cherishing Jesus Christ, resting in his finished work, and anticipating his triumphant return.

Top Ten Sermons for Christmas 2023

A Weary World Rejoices

This four-week series deals with the stress, weariness, and busyness that can come with the Christmas season. Through understanding that Christ is the reason for this time, the giver of rest, and the Prince of Peace, we can find strength for a weary world.

Mary's Christmas

This four-week series follows the Gospels’ accounts of the first Christmas from Mary’s perspective, highlighting the ways her faithfulness to God’s call remains a model and challenge to believers today. The stories of Mary’s visit from the angel Gabriel and her assent to God’s unusual plan for her life, her visit to Elizabeth and her profound proclamation of God’s power, the visit from the Magi followed by the daring escape to Egypt, and her earliest experiences of the grief of her unique motherhood each contribute to the powerful witness of her life.

Searching for Christmas

This three-week series explores how understanding the joy and power of Christmas involves more than simply talking about Jesus or insisting the local store greeter says, “Merry Christmas!” Instead, it means applying Jesus’s message of hope and reconciliation to our everyday lives. 

Advent: The Unexpected King

Throughout the Bible, births often herald great hope and expectations and are the result of great faith in God. Many births are a foreshadowing of the greatest birth of all, the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Christmas Timeline

Envisioning the first Christmas without the benefit of hindsight, this series presents snapshots of those who were near to the events surrounding Jesus’s birth: his parents, the shepherds, and Simeon, and Anna. Jesus’s birth is a welcome invitation to everyone—the poor, unknown, rich, men, and women. To those who recognize him as he comes, he brings hope, peace, joy, and love.

Light & Glory

This Christmas sermon centers on the birth of Christ as the fulfillment of God’s plan of salvation for the whole world. Inspired by Simeon’s words of praise in Luke 2:29–32 after he meets the newborn Messiah, we celebrate that Jesus is “a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and for glory to your people Israel” (Luke 2:32).

Hark: The Herald Angles Sing

This three-week Christmas carol sermon series walks through the angelic messages foretelling how Jesus’s birth would fulfill God’s promise of hope to the entire world. “Hark” explores the powerful and transformative truth of the incarnation of Jesus as well as the faithfulness of God toward us in all of his promises.

Home for Christmas

This three-week evangelistic Christmas sermon series focuses on the need to “come home” through Jesus Christ. Along the way, the series explores the reason why people desire to be home, stops to recognize the way to come home, and looks forward to our eternal homecoming.

'Tis the Season

This four-week series invites us to celebrate the Christmas season by looking at four gifts we are offered because of Jesus’s birth. We will unwrap a new gift weekly, celebrating with hope, love, generosity, and peace.

Christmas List

This four-week series examines the nativity story and how we should view our priorities during the Christmas season. Through understanding the context and characters, we will see the importance of prioritizing others, adjusting our list of priorities, and rethinking our time. We’ll also be reminded that the Christian virtues presented in the Christmas season should be normal for Christians throughout the year.

Wrap Up

So, there you have it–our top ten sermon series for this Christmas. We hope these guides help you cut through the distractions and help people see, love, and worship Jesus Christ this Christmas.

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