Pastors, how memorable are your sermons? You prepare your sermon by praying, determining the topic, then researching and studying the Bible passage. Then you craft your message for your congregation, but will they remember it?

Charles Spurgeon said sermon illustrations are like windows, they let the light in and illuminate your sermon. Your illustration will capture the attention of those listening, and by using an illustration for each point, you will keep it. A good illustration builds a bridge between biblical times and modern times. Sermon illustrations shed light on each of your main points and help you deliver a powerful message that your people will be able to apply to their lives.

In this episode of Hello Church! we talk about the importance of using Sermon Illustrations and how to use them to make your sermons memorable.

Chapter Markers

0:00 Welcome to Hello Church
1:16 Our topic today is Sermon Illustrations
2:41 Why are sermon illustrations important?
5:56 Strong sermon illustrations help your congregation remember sermons years later
8:42 What makes a sermon illustration great?
14:03 How many types of sermon illustrations
14:55 10 Types of sermon illustrations
20:19 How to find sermon illustrations
26:09 Final thoughts