Youth Sermon Calendar – Volume 1

52-week series and event roadmap for youth pastors.

January 2

Streak: Routines That Matter

1 Week
This one-week series examines what the story of Daniel says about the importance of spiritual disciples and worship.
January 9 - January 30


4 Weeks
This four-week series addresses our DNA in Christ. Our Christ-centered DNA describes the center of who we are as a church.
February 6 - February 27


4 Weeks
This four-week series dives headfirst into an issue that many young Christians struggle with: the image problem of the church. Even teenagers who love their church will find themselves struggling to explain to their friends outside of church what their congregation does and why it’s different from the negative stereotypes people may have.
March 6

Youth Guest Speaker

1 Week
Use this media bundle to promote your group’s next guest speaker.
March 13 - April 10

The Moral of the Story

5 Weeks
This five-week sermon series guide for students looks at some of the parables Jesus told about the kingdom of God as recorded in the book of Matthew.
April 17

Life In Color

1 Week
This one-week series for Easter shows how Jesus’s death and resurrection was the most important event in history. It describes how we can see the significance of this event in multiple ways that together form a full understanding of the hope and life the resurrection offers.
April 24 - May 15

God On Film – 2019

4 Weeks
Each message in this “God on Film” series comes with a biblical text(s) and an upcoming spring and summer 2019 films to illustrate some of the issues discussed in that passage.
May 22 - May 29

Senior Speak

2 Weeks
Give your senior students an opportunity to share what God's done in their lives during a series of Senior Speak nights.
June 5 - June 26


4 Weeks
This four-week series is designed to follow up the spiritual “high” of a big event like camp.
July 3

Summer Sport Day

1 Week
Use this bundle to announce a fun summer sports day.
July 10 - July 31

Uncertain: Answering the Questions of Christianity

4 Weeks
This four-week series addresses some of the most common, pressing questions teens have about their faith, the Bible, and the way Christians should live.
August 7 - August 28

Talking Faith

4 Weeks
This four-week series discusses how Christians can share their faith in a genuine, honest way, despite the fear they may feel.
September 4 - September 25

Crushed: When People Disappoint You

4 Weeks
This four-week series examines the disappointments youth face in a broken world full of broken people.
October 2

See You At The Party

1 Week
This one-week series uses the parable of the prodigal son to show teenagers how all humans rebel against God—either against his law or against his grace.
October 9 - October 30

The Championship

4 Weeks
This four-week series uses competitive games to introduce and explore the topic of Christian unity.
November 6 - November 20

Coin: Faithfulness In The Small Things

3 Weeks
This three-week series addresses giving, possessions, and money based on Jesus’s teaching in Matthew 6:19–34.
November 27

Service Canceled

1 Week
Use this bundle to announce a youth service cancelation.
December 4 - December 11


2 Weeks
This two-week Christmas series explores the beautiful gift of Christmas. Rather than simply sending a message, Jesus offered us his presence by coming to earth.
December 18

Youth Christmas Party

1 Week
Use this bundle to invite your students to a fun Youth Christmas Party.
December 25

Service Canceled

1 Week
Use this bundle to announce a youth service cancelation.

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