Lectionary Sermon Calendar, Nov 2020 – Nov 2021

November 29 - January 3

Good News: An Advent & Christmas Series

6 Weeks
Advent and Christmas are seasons of good news: Advent for the coming of a newborn Savior, Christmas for the arrival of that Savior.
January 10 - February 14

The Call of God: An Epiphany Series

6 Weeks
The call of God has two parts to it: the call to you from God, and the call of you for your neighbor.
February 21 - March 28

Just As He Promised

6 Weeks
This Lenten and Holy Week series focuses on the promises that God has made to us.
April 4 - May 16

The Story of Easter

7 Weeks
This stand-alone message for Easter Sunday unpacks and drives home Jesus’s claim (and the evidence for it): “I am the resurrection and the life.”
May 23 - July 18

The Way Of Christ: A Pentecost Series

9 Weeks
This series focuses on the “weird” nature of the Christian life and faith. Using examples from the lives of Jesus and David, and words from Paul, we will see just how different the way of Christ is from what the world expects from life.
July 25 - August 29

Everlasting Life: Now And Forever

6 Weeks
This series examines John 6, along with a passage from Mark, exploring Jesus’s miracles and His identity as the Bread of Life.
September 5 - September 26

Who Is This Man?

4 Weeks
This four-week series examines aspects of Jesus’s character.
October 3 - November 21

In Christ: The Kingdom of God

8 Weeks
This eight-week series focuses on the nature of Christ as Priest and King of God Almighty.

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