Topical Sermon Calendar, Volume 2

52-Week Topical Roadmap for Lead Pastors

January 10 - January 24

Vision Map

3 Weeks
God often gives us a unique message to share or a difficult problem to solve, and we just need a simple push in the right direction.
January 31 - February 21

The Bridge – Expanded Pack w/ Bumper

4 Weeks
This 4-week series communicates the importance of building bridges and relationships with other people within the local church. It is designed to culminate in the beginning of a new small group session at your congregation.
February 28 - March 27

Jesus’ Most Confounding Statements

5 Weeks
Let’s be honest, sometimes Jesus made some confusing statements. This series will look at five of Jesus’ most confounding words and explain what they mean for our lives today.
April 3 - May 1

Vivid – Expanded Pack w/ Bumper

5 Weeks
When we receive new life in Christ, we should view the world differently. This 5-week sermon series explores what it looks like to see others through the spiritual lens of Christ.
May 8

Mother’s Day (Green)

1 Week
May 15 - June 5

Our Father in Heaven – Expanded Pack w/ Bumper

4 Weeks
This 4-week series breaks down the Lord’s PSunoise Script Italic, Trend Rh Sans Onerayer, providing a blueprint for how we can model Jesus’ words in our own prayer life.
June 12 - July 3

God on Film (Adult) – Expanded Pack w/ Bumper

4 Weeks
This 4-week series uses four 2016 summer films to illustrate important truths from the Bible.
July 10 - August 7

Esther (5 Weeks)

5 Weeks
This 5-week series through the book of Esther emphasizes God’s sovereignty, love, and protection—even though we don’t always see it.
August 14 - September 4

Neighbors – Expanded Pack w/ Bumper

4 Weeks
This 4-week series examines what loving our neighbor looks like on a daily basis—what is love, how do I love, who do I love, and when do I love. Neighbors naturally dovetails into an evangelistic series where individuals are encouraged to invite their friends to church.
September 11 - October 2

Church & Culture – Expanded Pack w/ Bumper

4 Weeks
As God’s people, we are an integral part of this world. Instead of being scared of culture, we should seek to understand and communicate it through the lens of our Christian worldview.
October 9 - October 30

The Skeletons in God’s Closet – Expanded Pack w/ Bumper

4 Weeks
This 4-week series will discuss each of these issues, coming to the conclusion that despite our occasional doubts, God is still good.
November 6 - November 20

Live Generously – Expanded Pack w/ Bumper

3 Weeks
This 3-week series discusses what it means to live generously, wrestling with issues like poverty, money, and service.
November 27 - December 18


4 Weeks
We often hear about the “good life” and how we can “live more.” This 4-week Christmas series outlines how life in Christ is the only kind of life that makes sense.
December 25

Christmas Communion

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