Preparing sermons for Holy Week can be a tall task, depending on what unique moments your church chooses to remember and celebrate together.

Holy Week starts on Palm Sunday and runs all the way through Easter Sunday. The five most recognized moments of Holy Week include:

  • Palm Sunday
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Holy Saturday
  • Easter Sunday

The observance of Holy Week is an opportunity to anticipate, mourn, and celebrate the life of Christ in the same sequence of events His disciples did, all prior to His triumphant resurrection.

Pastors are preparing to bring the message of Christ’s sacrifice front and center through scripture, stories, media, and testimonies. The Passion Play and the Gospel message of redemption becomes the focus of teaching during the days of Lent, as well as the final days before Resurrection Sunday.

Five Sermon Outlines for Preaching Through Holy Week

In these weeks prior to Palm Sunday, your days are packed with preparing for the biggest weekend of the year. They are also days full of hope and excitement to introduce the new life Jesus can bring to those who have never known it.

Your challenge is the same this year as it is everyday—be true to the story while delivering the message with a fresh perspective. The challenge can be stressful.

Holy Week is a five-week sermon series that provides pastors with five message outlines, each one focused on a unique event of Holy Week.

This series is filled with message big ideas, preaching illustrations, sermon series media, small group question guide, as well as researched series guide.

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Holy Week Sermon Series Graphic

Holy Week Sermon Series

Jesus redefined Israel’s expectations of what the Messiah would look like. Rather than being a military hero, He died on a cross.

This world and our own hearts are filled with darkness and death, but we can have hope if we place our faith in the Light of the World, Jesus, who defeated death by entering into it. The resurrection of Jesus Christ enhances our faith and helps us to trust in Jesus more deeply.

Holy Week

Five sermon outlines to preach the individual messages for Holy Week starting with Palm Sunday.

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