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How to Double Your Christmas Live Stream Views

You’ve probably realized already that this year, your Christmas Live stream is more important than ever!  Whether you’re meeting in-person or not, there will still be a ton of people choosing to participate online.   In today’s episode, we’re going to be talking through seven ways to make it memorable.  If you’re looking for ways to promote your Christmas service or live stream, check out our Christmas Marketing Blueprint, as well!

We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas, too!  Leave a comment on this episode or tweet @ministrypass

Idea #1: Have a Christmas Skit or Play

If you need a fun video to show or a script that people from your church can act out, we recommend The Skit Guys.  When you buy scripts and videos on their website, they come with streaming licenses so that you can use them during your live stream.  In case you wondered, this is not an endorsement deal- we just really love them!  

This year especially, don’t pressure yourself to create something with super high production value.  It’s enough to find a fun, unique way to tell the story of Christmas.  If you can, involve as many people from your church as possible.  You could have people film themselves acting out their parts, or do something fun with zoom!  

Idea #2: Involve Kids in your Online Service

People LOVE kids, and parents and grandparents will tune in just to see them participate for a few minutes in your service.  This is a fairly easy way to increase the number of people viewing your live stream, and it makes everyone happy.  Here are some ways that you can invite families to be part of your online service:

  • Create homemade nativity scenes, with kids drawing or acting out the parts of the story as they put them together.
  • Record kids singing Christmas Carols and play it during part of your service.  
  • Interview kids with Christmas-related questions or have parents ask and film their answers, then edit a montage together.  
  • If it works with your service or as a sermon illustration, have parents surprise the kids with fake gifts or pranks and film their reactions. 

Idea #3: Find a Compelling Angle or Theme for your Christmas Service

Obviously, you’re going to be telling the story of how and why Jesus came to earth.  However, your online service will be much more engaging if you can find a way to make it memorable or something that people want to share with their friends and family.  To the end, can you seize on a unique angle that will help people understand or see the Christmas Story in a new way?  

We’re convinced you can.  If you’re feeling stuck, feel free to browse through our list of Christmas Sermon Series that have unique takes on this timeless story.  

Idea #4: Have Someone Read the Christmas Story

This may seem like standard fare for a Christmas service, but bringing in a new face or voice can make celebrating the birth of Jesus a lot more special.  Start by selecting a passage of Scripture: Isaiah 9:6-7, John 1, and Luke 2 are all great choices!  Then, have someone read it- one of your church’s elders, perhaps, or someone with a great voice.  You can even get creative by encouraging them to read it dramatically, or by having someone dressed as Santa Claus (or even Baby Yoda!) read the story.  If you’re not into magical characters, have a number of people read parts of the story and edit them together.

Idea #5: Find a Way to Incorporate Social Media in Your Stream

Your online engagement- and your views- will be MUCH higher if you’re intentional about incorporating your online audience into your service.  One way to do this is by asking questions on social media, then featuring the answers in your message or incorporating them during a fun section of service.  

If this idea appeals to you, here are some ideas for questions to ask:

  • What is your favorite Christmas memory?  
  • What is your favorite Christmas carol?  
  • What is your favorite verse from the Christmas story?  
  • What embarrassing Christmas stories do you have to share (about yourself or someone else)?
  • Encourage people to use hashtags, like Jimmy Fallon does on his show.  Examples might include #favecarol #thetimeiruinedChristmas, etc. 

Idea #6:  At Home Christmas Kit

If your theology allows, put together kits with communion elements and candles so that families can take candlelit communion during your live stream.  This is always a special moment during your Christmas services, so it makes sense to make it available for families who are unable to attend in person.  You can add a devotional packet for parents to read with kids, to help them take this opportunity to disciple their kids at home.  If you want, you can throw in some fun elements, too- like hot cocoa or candy canes.   

If your church’s theology only allows an ordained priest or pastor to administer communion, there are still plenty of options to add to the box in order to make it meaningful.  Really, you can put whatever you want in the at-home Christmas Kit.  Just make sure you’re doing something that shows the people who will be joining you online that you care about them. 

Idea #7: Change Up Your Background

If you’re having someone host your services, you may want to change up your background for that segment.  Or, you may want to transform your stage for your Christmas services. is an excellent resource for doing exactly that!  Use their ideas to make backdrops for your live stream, the host or emcee, and any other elements you’re filming.  

We hope you enjoy using these ideas as much as we enjoyed coming up with them!  Next week, we’re going to be talking about putting together a compelling 2021 vision.  It’s so important to know where you’re going for the next year- if you don’t, you’ll miss it every time.  

Also, be on the lookout for a new episode of the Sermonary Podcast- this week, Josh Taylor from our staff is going to be interviewing Ed Litton on sermon preparation.