Coronavirus [COVID-19] is causing many local churches to cancel their weekly gatherings and shift toward strictly online services. For many pastors, streaming a message and music is new territory. How long should an online service last? What should the schedule even look like?

Early this week, we took some time to examine the online services of seven churches around the country. Below is a breakdown of their service schedule from this past Sunday and how long each segment lasted.

North Point Community Church – Alpharetta, Georgia

Runtime: 55 minutes
Stream URL:
Pastor Andy Stanley

Greeting: 1:30 minutes
Worship: 14 minutes
Prayer: 1 minute
Sermon Bumper: 1 minutes
Message: 36 minutes
Announcements: 1 minute
Closing Statement and Prayer: 1 minute

New Life Community Church – Artesia, CA

Runtime: 58 minutes
Stream URL:
Pastor Ryan Klement (Associate Pastor)

Greeting: 3 minutes
Worship: 6 minutes
Exhortation: 1:30 minutes
Worship: 6 minutes
Message: 26 minutes
Worship: 14 minutes
End prayer: 1 minute

Liquid Church – Parsippany, New Jersey

Runtime: 55 minutes
Stream URL:
Pastor Tim Lucas

Greeting: 4 minutes
Worship: 18 minutes
Announcements: 4 minutes
Sermon Bumper: 30 seconds
Message: 28 minutes
Next Steps: 3 minutes
End prayer: 1 minute

Hope City – Houston, TX

Runtime: 1:03:39 
Stream URL:
Pastor Jeremy Foster

Pre-Service Greeting: 5 minutes
Worship: 15 minutes
Prayer: 1 minute 
Message: 37 minutes
Next Steps: 2:30 minutes
Worship: 1 minute
Close: 3 minutes

Highpoint Church – Aurora, Colorado

Runtime: 49:34
Stream URL:
Pastor Caleb McNaughton

Greeting: 2:30 minutes
Worship: 10:30 minutes
Game Hosted by Children’s Pastor: 8 minutes
Roundtable Discussion with Church Staff: 25 minutes
Giving and Prayer: 2 minutes
Closing Song: 1:30 minutes

Woodlands Church – The Woodlands, TX

Runtime: 1:03:18
Stream URL:
Pastor Lee Strobel (Teaching Pastor)

Worship: 23:30 minutes
Greeting and Prayer: 3 minutes
Message: 36 minutes
Closing Prayer: 1 minute

Citizen Church – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Runtime: 58:38
Stream URL:
Pastor Dustin Woodward

Countdown Video: 5 minutes
Greeting: 1 minute
Worship: 4 minutes
Offering Talk: 3 minutes
Message: 29:30 minutes
Worship: 5:30 minutes
Announcements: 1:30 minutes
Kids Service: 9 minutes