Prove It: The Book of 1 John

7 Weeks

This seven-week sermon series asks believers if they truly know God, and if so, to Prove It, since a Christian’s life should be living proof of their connection to the Father.

Essentially, our sacrificial love for others is a testament of our sacrificial love for God. The apostle John talks about living a Christian life in the first epistle.

Do you know God? You can prove it because the evidence is in your obedience.

Do you truly love your neighbor? You can prove it because the evidence is in your sacrifice.

We don’t earn God’s forgiveness with our good deeds, but a transformed life should look just like that—transformed.

Each entry in this series examines different claims made within the church, and asks for the evidence to prove that it’s true. It deals with themes like sin, the identity of Christ, and obedience.

Prove it is a great way for your people to evaluate what areas of their life they need to change to be more obedient to Christ. You can say it with your mouth, but the evidence is in your actions.