How important is the conclusion of your sermon?

Here is what Pastor Rick Warren has to say, “A sermon without a conclusion is a sermon without a purpose. Changed lives come from great conclusions.”

The conclusion is the most important part of the sermon and it seems so fitting that it is often the most difficult portion of the sermon to draft. But the struggle is worth it! Yes, you want your entire sermon to be strong, but if you have to pick one area to solidify with the limited time you have, the conclusion is where that investment should go. Why? Because a strong conclusion will make even the roughest of sermons great. 

In this episode of Hello Church! you’ll learn several prompts or filters you can use to inspect your conclusion and move forward with your sermon in confidence, knowing that when your message is preached people will be inspired to follow Jesus in new and transformational ways.

Resources Mentioned

Preaching Masterclass

Chapter Markers

0:23 Introduction to the Sermon Conclusions
1:36 Listener Shoutout, Rate & Review
2:41 Develop Your Introduction In Light of Your Conclusion
7:04 Recap the Points of Your Message, Don’t Repeat
8:11 Anticipate Objections
10:30 Rehearse the Ending
13:40 Be Specific, Be Clear
15:00 Make It Memorable with Illustrations
19:36 Connect Your Conclusion to Current Daily Life
20:28 Let Your Conclusion Be Your Conclusion
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