When planning out your sermon calendar, it’s always important to have a strong mix of messages that are both evangelistic and discipleship-driven. I really love this new summer series focusing on the importance of radically following Jesus.

Summer is the season to take a break from school, homework, and early bedtimes. Summer is also a time for getting rid of all the old stuff you don’t need anymore. Spring cleaning leads to summer garage sales. It’s a time to make room for new priorities, new experiences, new freedom, and new passions. This seven-week series will outline seven things students can do to make sure this is a summer of spiritual growth, rather than stagnation.

It all starts with our priorities. At the start of the summer, we always start to dream big about what we want to do or accomplish during the season— whether it be camp, a vacation, or some other activity with our friends. But, if we don’t put God first, we’ll end up wasting our summer away on things that ultimately don’t matter. From topics like shame and laziness, to issues of worry and selfishness, Summer Seven just might be the series that your group remembers for years to come.

This bundle comes with a number of great illustrations and resources that will help connect the students in your youth group to the principles of God’s Word.

I really love the artwork for this series, as well as the bumper video youth leaders will be able to play every week before their message. Check out the series on our product page.

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