The 5 Best Sermon Illustration Packs Every Preacher Needs

No preacher will ever say, I don’t want another sermon illustration to add to my toolbox. Why? Because sermon illustrations show and tell. They bring flavor and color to a point of truth.

Lane Sebring of says that you need to teach, illustrate, and apply every point you make. Most preachers have no trouble with teaching and even applying the point. The spot where many of us struggle is in the illustration department. But that can change.

One of the main benefits of a Ministry Pass subscription is the countless number of sermon illustration packs you get access to. And here are 5 of our most popular ones.

The 5 Best Sermon Illustration Packs Every Preacher Needs

1. Faith

Help people understand faith by using these faith sermon illustrations.

2. Purpose

Want to help people see their purpose from a biblical standpoint? Use these purpose sermon illustrations.

3. Identity

One of the biggest topics people wrestle with is who they are. Helping people understand who they are in Christ is vital to making disciples. These identity sermon illustrations will help greatly.

4. Jesus’ Sacrifice

What better thing to help people understand than Jesus’ sacrifice? These sermon illustrations on Jesus’ sacrifice will help people see His sacrifice in helpful, powerful ways.

5. Grace

God’s grace is amazing. But how can you show someone that who has never heard of God’s grace? What about someone who has grown apathetic toward God’s grace? Illustrate it and let them see His grace in new ways.

Want some more sermon illustrations? We’ve compiled 20 of the best sources for sermon illustrations.

Brandon Kelley is a pastor at The Crossing on the east side of Cincinnati. He is the managing editor of Ministry Pass, co-founder of, and the author of Preaching Sticky Sermons. You can connect with him on Twitter @BrandonKelley_.

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