Topical Sermon Calendar – Volume 2

52-Week Topical Roadmap for Lead Pastors

January 5 - January 26

The Main Thing

4 Weeks
This four-week series will help empower listeners to keep Christ and his kingdom the center of daily living.
February 2 - February 23

Neighborhood Watch

4 Weeks
This series examines our responsibility to our neighbors.
March 1 - April 5

Lent: Remembrance, Repentance, Renewal

6 Weeks
This six-week series for the Sundays during the season of Lent (plus Ash Wednesday) takes congregations from a serious reflection on their mortality on Ash Wednesday toward a joyful vision of the New Heavens and the New Earth on the last Sunday of Lent.
April 12

Easter Sunday

1 Week
As Christians, when we think about Easter we tend to focus on Jesus dying on the cross for our sin; however, the hope of the Gospel in found in Jesus being alive through his resurrection!
April 19 - May 10

God On Film

4 Weeks
Each message in this “God on Film” series comes with a biblical text and a description of an upcoming spring or summer 2020 film to illustrate some of the issues discussed in that passage. Not only will this series be an exciting change of pace, it will also help your group better understand and apply the teachings of Scripture.
May 17

Guest Speaker

1 Week
Use this bundle to introduce a guest speaker to your service.
May 24 - June 14


4 Weeks
This four-week series deals with common heretical beliefs held by those in society—and many in the church.
June 21

Guest Speaker

1 Week
Use this bundle to introduce a guest speaker to your service.
June 28

God and Country

1 Week
This one-week adult message helps the believer understand that it takes humility, honesty, and a heart turned toward God to maintain a healthy perspective of our earthly purposes. This message can be used immediately following the “God and Justice” series and/or prior to the 4th of July.
July 5

Guest Speaker

1 Week
Use this bundle to introduce a guest speaker to your service.
July 12 - August 2

The Games

4 Weeks
This four-week series examines how the Bible uses several different sports metaphors to describe the Christian life.
August 9 - August 30

Social Faith

4 Weeks
This four-week series walks through the positive and negative effects that social media has on our faith, our relationships, and our overall character and integrity.
September 6 - September 27

I Love Jesus, But Hate…

4 Weeks
This four-week series uses the letters that Paul wrote Timothy to anchor a number of foundational principles that detail what the church is and its importance in the life of the believer. “I Love Jesus, But Hate” wrestles with areas that cause people hesitation in church.
October 4 - October 25

The Sting

4 Weeks
This series follows “death” from Genesis to Revelation, recounting its beginning, its sting, its reign, and its multiple losses until its final defeat through the work of Christ on the cross.
November 1 - November 22

At The Table

4 Weeks
This four-week series examines how the table becomes a setting for joy, unity, and vulnerability.
November 29 - December 20

Behold: The Savior Comes

4 Weeks
This four-week Christmas (or Advent) series celebrates the ways in which faith in Jesus Christ allows us to see and experience the world in wonderful and unique ways.
December 27

To The Future

1 Week
This New Year’s message focuses on forgetting the former things and singing a new song to the Lord—and on staying in tune all year long!

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