2022 Topical Sermon Calendar

52-Week Topical Roadmap for Lead Pastors

January 2

21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

1 Week
This stand-alone message guides us into starting the new year right with 21 days of fasting and prayer. The message will focus on the biblical importance of these spiritual disciplines.
January 9 - January 30

Fresh Air: How the Gospel Renews and Revives

4 Weeks
Many individuals want a fresh start at the beginning of the year. This series details the gospel’s power to bring us hope, renewed strength, and contentment, even in difficult times.
February 6 - February 27

Our House

4 Weeks
This four-week series for adults explores four congregational values that should define our relationships with those inside and outside the church.
March 6 - April 10

Lent: Lament, Repent, Anticipate

6 Weeks
This series explores the season of Lent, beginning with Ash Wednesday and continuing through six Sundays.
April 17

Living Hope: An Easter Message

1 Week
This stand-alone message for Easter Sunday focuses on the hymn of Christ’s supremacy over all creation found in Colossians 1.
April 24 - May 22

Fail Forward

5 Weeks
This five-week series explores how Christians can “fail forward” in life.
May 29

Guest Speaker

1 Week
Use this bundle to introduce a guest speaker to your service.
June 5 - June 26

What’s In It For Me?

4 Weeks
This four-week series explores how Christians can use spiritual disciplines on their own terms.
July 3

Guest Speaker

1 Week
Use this bundle to introduce a guest speaker to your service.
July 10 - July 31

Summer Stories: Testimonies of Radical Change

4 Weeks
This four-week series explores the lives of four people who had profound, life-changing encounters with Jesus.
August 7 - August 28

Yes, You: Fulfilling God’s Purpose

4 Weeks
This four-week series explores the lives of a few unlikely people whom God used to do amazing things.
September 4 - October 2

Criticizing Jesus

5 Weeks
In this five-week series we will look at the criticisms Jesus faced during his ministry.
October 9 - October 30

Prophets of Doom: Reading the Old Testament Prophets

4 Weeks
In this four-week series, we’ll examine one passage from four different Minor Prophets that conveys the essence of that prophet’s message.
November 6 - November 20

The Satisfied Soul: Finding True Contentment

3 Weeks
This three-week series will take a look at Philippians 4 to learn how generosity and contentment are interrelated and to consider the root of contentment.
November 27 - December 18

Advent: The Unexpected King

4 Weeks
Throughout the Bible, births often herald great hope and expectations and are the result of great faith in God. Many births are a foreshadowing of the greatest birth of all, the birth of Jesus Christ.
December 25

Christmas Sunday

1 Week
Jesus Christ has been born! He is the fulfillment of the promises of God to his children and the world. Simeon’s prophecy about Jesus shows us how Jesus came to bring light into our darkness.

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