Ideas for a Special Mother’s Day Sunday Service

Mother’s Day is one of your church’s most-visited Sundays of the year.  After all, moms want their kids to go to church with them!  Here are some helpful ideas to help you make the most of the day.

Mother’s Day Sermon Ideas

Mother-Focused Sermon Series

Need an idea for a sermon or sermon series on Mother’s Day?  Here are a couple of our favorite ideas:

First up is Lasting Legacy.  It’s a two-week series, with one sermon on Mother’s Day and the other on Father’s Day.  The graphics coordinate, but are tailor-made for each holiday.  If you’d like a different design direction, we’ve released a similar one called The Power of Parenting.  So if you’re looking for ideas, we’ve got a number of them on MinistryPass that you can use! 

Another option is to start a sermon series on women in the Bible.  We have some great sermon series- one appropriately called “Women of the Bible,” and others on specific ladies like Ruth.  There are tons of possibilities if this is the direction you want to go.  

You could also do a panel-style message.  Interview your mom or a few moms from your church!  You can have people anonymously ask questions from moms of all ages and stages of life.  The idea is to let the women in your congregation speak wisdom into the lives of others while you moderate the discussion.  

Speak to Families

Moms want their kids to go to church with them on Mother’s Day- so wouldn’t it be an amazing gift to them if their family heard the gospel or decided to get involved in a local church?  For this approach, you can honor the moms during your service, but then preach an evangelistic message.  Add videos of families talking about how they connect in small groups to your sermon and encourage people to get involved in a local church.  For real- a LOT of moms will appreciate this more than a message about how great moms are.  

Celebrate Moms in the Community

Obviously, you can market your Mother’s Day service on social media, but we encourage you to think beyond that.  How can you make this day special for the moms of your larger community?  How can you make it an outreach?  Maybe you can take Mother’s Day bouquets to businesses and brighten people’s day on behalf of the church.    

You could also steal this great idea from a church in San Antonio: they honored single moms in their community & did a “Single Mom’s Night Out” with free childcare, really nice food, a great speaker, and a prize giveaway.  Basically, they created a fun night just for these women that are often overlooked.  If you want to make your event super special, you could hire masseuses or beauty technicians and give away pedicures and massages, as well!  

Creative Mother’s Day Service Elements

Most of the ways you can acknowledge and honor mothers are actually going to happen during the service itself, so here are some creative ideas to keep it meaningful:

Acknowledge People’s Pain

Mother’s Day is hard on some people.  Not every woman within the sound of your voice on a Sunday has had the luxury or the opportunity to be a mother.  Others have lost their moms or children.  There are ways to honor those special cases without being depressing. 

For example, one way to show empathy for that would be to rope off the first two rows and put a white rose to commemorate those who have been lost.  This is just a small gesture to say that you remember and you care.   

Get the Kids Involved

One fun idea is to get the kids (of all ages!) involved in crafting notes for their moms!  Send out emails, post on social, and have people write special messages to their mom.  Then, sprinkle readings of them throughout the service, or have a slideshow going before service with all of the notes.

You can also have your children’s department create cute kids videos where you sit down and ask kids questions and get funny answers.  You can pre-load the deck with questions like, “What do you think your mom does all day while you’re at school?” or “Is there something your mom cooks that you don’t like?” Just be careful and wise in your editing of the footage- you want this to be funny, but not embarrassing for any families. 

Finally, make sure your kid’s ministry has the kids making something special for their mom!  Moms love that, and kids love being able to give something that they’ve helped create.

Give Meaningful Gifts

Giving out gifts on Mother’s Day is a great idea- just be aware that people don’t usually want another trinket or ink pen with your church’s name on it. If you don’t have the budget to get something nice, it might be better do a giveaway for a few people, or make the entire environment really nice for the service!  For example, instead of giving every woman a rose, use the budget you have to put bouquets everywhere in the sanctuary.  You can buy a nice backdrop and create a photo booth for families, so moms can get those family photos they love!

If you need more ideas for you Mother’s Day sermon, head to our website and do a search for Mother’s Day!  We’ve got message help and media assets as well!  If you STILL need ideas, head to  We post a new sermon idea every day, so you can search for Mother’s Day and find some inspiration there!

We’d love to hear your ideas for making this Mother’s Day special- you just might inspire another pastor or church!!  Leave a comment on our Youtube Channel or use the hashtag #hellochurchpod on social media.

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