Paul Tripp’s Sex in a Broken World is a timely and extremely important book for Christians living in today’s world. Not only is the book written on a topic the Church and Christianity have largely avoided, it’s written practically and honestly.

To mark the release of the book and our free sermon series based on the book, here are 21 (because 20 is too stereotypical) of my favorite quotes from its pages…

21 Quotes from Sex in a Broken World

  1. His grace is never at risk. His grace is never at stake. His grace is never up for grabs. His grace never waffles.
  2. The gospel graces us with everything we need to celebrate and participate in human sexuality in a way that honors God and fully enjoys the good things he’s given us to enjoy.
  3. looking to creation to get what only the Creator can give you always results in addiction of some kind.
  4. Our problem with sex doesn’t begin with lust, with bad choices, or with sexual misbehavior. Our problem with sex begins when we forget that God must be at the center of this part of our lives as he must be with any other.
  5. You will never win the battle with sexual sin by just attempting to harness your behavior, because every wrong sexual act is connected to a decision, which is connected to a desire in your heart.
  6. When the pleasures of sex exercise more control over your heart than the will of God does, your heart has already stepped beyond God’s boundaries, and your body will soon follow.
  7. Only when your heart is mastered by the One who created all the pleasures that so easily addict can your world of pleasure be protected so that you live in balance.
  8. The good pleasures that God created for our enjoyment and for his glory become bad and dangerous when we ask those pleasures to do for us what they were not intended by God to do.
  9. Big-picture sex is understood as being part of how life was designed and what it is meant to be. Little-picture sex, because it is isolated, gets kidnapped by desires and agendas that rob it of its original purpose.
  10. Sex exposes our hearts, and in exposing our hearts, it reminds us of our deep and comprehensive need for God’s forgiving, transforming, and ultimately delivering grace.
  11. One reason that sex gets distorted and becomes something God never intended and ends up being hurtful, dark, and dangerous is that in this fallen world, it is most often motivated by no larger purpose than the pleasure of the individual.
  12. Celebrate the good things God gives you in the here and now, be content, and keep reminding yourself that you are being prepared for the wonderful eternity to come.
  13. God’s law is a wonderful guide for how you were designed to live your life. But the law has no power to defeat sin or deliver you from it.
  14. Sex is one in a list of a whole catalog of good things that can become bad things when they become ruling things.
  15. Sex is only ever purified and protected when it is motivated in thought, desire, and action by a living, submissive, joyful, willing, street-level love for God. Sexual sin always has a lack of love for God at its core.
  16. God’s design is that sex would only ever take place in the context of a committed, lifelong relationship between a man and a woman in marriage. Sex is protected and purified by this commitment to tender, faithful, self-sacrificing, other-serving love.
  17. Obedience is more than a set of behaviors; obedience is an attitude of the heart.
  18. Sexual purity begins with resting assured that what God commands is kind, wise, and good; no need for challenge.
  19. You should be sad that the purity of your heart is always under assault by the seductive voices of evil all around.
  20. You see, only the gospel of Jesus has the power to bring sanity to sexuality in a world gone crazy and, within this power, the potential for real, lasting, personal transformation. Yes, you can live a God-honoring sexual life in a world gone crazy.
  21. When you have confusion of identity, you tend to live with a poverty mentality, which makes you a sitting duck for sexual insanity.

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