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Complete: The Book of Hebrews

5 Weeks

Sin causes us to experience shame, rejection, and pain. Whether it’s because we messed up in a dating relationship or said something online that hurt a friend, our mistakes can leave us feeling like we’ll never amount to anything. This five-week series highlights the book of Hebrews and its emphasis on the “completeness” of Christ, offering hope to students struggling with self-doubt and seclusion. By exploring the passages that connect Jesus’ ministry to the fulfillment of the Law, this guide will help your youth group not only better understand the Old Testament, but also how Jesus completes the story of their life. This is a great series to remind others of God’s love for them, as well as the sacrifice He made to bring them back to God. All five weeks in this series come with a passage, topic, and “big idea” of the sermon. Also included under each week is a list of ideas, illustrations, and talking points to help you prepare for your message. Our aim is for this guide to spark your imagination, assist you in planning your sermon, as well as offer a boost to your study time.