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Lent: Reflection & Preparation

6 Weeks

This six-week Lent sermon series exposes the rebellious nature of sin and helps you teach your people about the beautiful resolution offered in the hope of the gospel through a researched series guide.

In our world it is common to minimize our own actions and, thus, minimize our responsibility in the problem. But the season of Lent reminds us that confession is liberating for the soul and that true, Godly sorrow leads to salvation.

Too often sin is seen as an external problem “out there” that needs to be dealt with, not as an internal problem within us; and while it is important not to indulge in self-pity, it is important to engage in true confession.

This sermon series on Lent includes seven specific messages on the weight of sin, death and darkness in the world, and that ultimately through faith in Jesus Christ, we too can be given victory over death, and our hearts can be transformed by the beauty of the cross.