Us vs. Them

4 Weeks

This four-week sermon series on relationships will explore the relational dynamic between members of the church and those outside of it. We can allow the Holy Spirit to speak through us to those outside the church, but our actions will be more effective than our words as we seek to foster kingdom-building relationships.

When we realize that God created humanity to live in partnership with him and with each other, we can begin to see our need for one another—including building relationships outside the church. This should remind believers about the importance of sharing the gospel with nonbelievers, and inspire us to connect in conversations.

This sermon series on “Us vs. Them” comes with a researched study guide with elements to for four messages on relationships. Big idea angles include God’s expectation for the church to be salt and light to the world by exercising humility in understanding God’s design, living generously in our approach to one another, pursuing patience in the midst of diversity, and embracing the common nature we all share.