Kid's Lesson Calendar: Volume 3

A 52-week roadmap through topics like second chances, change, friendship, Jesus, obedience, and more.

Second Chances Kids New Years Lesson

Second Chances: New Year, New Opportunities

This stand-alone sermon for the New Year gives kids a firm foundation to build on in the year ahead: the grace of God that brings salvation to everyone and gives us the ability to grow in faith and holiness.

Today And Every Day Children's Lesson Series

Today And Every Day

This four-week series explores the difficulties of change in the Christian life. Through helping kids understand procrastination, sanctification, and the power of cultivating spiritual habits, we see the life-giving process of change in the Christian life.

You've Got A Friend In Me Kids Lesson Series Graphic

You've Got A Friend In Me

This four-week series looks at the theme of hospitality through Scripture. Through biblical exposition and practical tips, children will be able to experience and live out the hospitality of God.

Called Chosen By Jesus Children's Lesson Series

Called: Chosen By Jesus

Jesus began his ministry by calling men and women to follow him and be his disciples. Today, the invitation of Jesus remains the same: to follow him as his students and to embrace his life and teaching in every area of our lives.

Easter Sunday Kids Lesson Graphic

Easter Sunday

This stand-alone message emphasizes that we can trust God’s promise that everyone who believes in Jesus will have eternal life.

At The Movies Kids Lesson Series Graphic

At The Movie

This four-week series uses Scripture and popular children’s movies to help kids understand that they have a place in God’s story. By studying the ways God interacts with his people throughout history we learn that God is the main character in this great adventure, but we all have a part to play in his kingdom!

Throne Making God Our King Kids Lesson Series Graphic

Trust And Boy

We live in a time and culture that elevates “stars” and athletes as people to imitate, even within the church. When cool, famous, or popular people become Christians and people focus on that, sometimes we start thinking that God shows his love by giving us fancy things or a life without anything hard. But when we look at the lives of Jesus, his disciples, and Christians who refused to renounce their faith—not matter what the cost—we see that faith is more than a trend: it’s a way of life. Jesus’s teachings help us understand what it really means to follow him and make him our King.

Trust and Obey 1 Peter Kids Lesson Series Graphic

Trust And Boy

As we seek to trust and obey Christ, we will discover that obeying God sometimes means we will experience being made fun of, bullied, or even persecuted because of our faith in Jesus. Using the biblical context of Peter’s message to the displaced and persecuted believers in his first epistle, we will learn how to continue to praise God and follow him faithfully, even when obeying him feels like it’s anything but fun. Following Peter’s advice to early believers, this series encourages us to continue to follow Jesus, even when it’s not the popular or comfortable thing to do, by offering biblical, applicable advice on how to put our faith into action.

Guest Speaker Announcement Graphic

Guest Speaker

Use this bundle to welcome and announce a guest speaker sharing in your children’s service. Included in the bundle is an announcement slide, bulletin graphic, Facebook cover photo, postcard graphic, along with several other multi-purpose layouts.

We Believe Kids Lesson Series Graphic

We Believe

Do Christians have nonnegotiable beliefs, and if so, what are they? This eight-week series looks at eight key topics in evangelical theology that all Christians agree about. Our faith will be challenged as we ask ourselves, “When it comes to my beliefs, what is important and why?”

Back In Time Kids Lesson Series Graphic

Back In Time

This kids series uses four psalms from “the 90s”—Psalms 91, 94, 95, and 99—to meditate on the attributes of God: his protection, justice, kingship, and holiness.

Generous Grace Kids Lesson Series 3Graphic

Generous Grace

This four-week series for children, grounded in the book of 2 Peter, focuses on holding on to what is true and setting aside what is false. As members of the body of Christ, the church, we must learn how to distinguish false teachers and teachings from those who correctly teach what the Bible says. When we learn what Scripture means, it becomes easier to identify those who are teaching the truth and tell them apart from those who are misusing the Bible. When we do this, we can grow in the grace of God and Christian virtue.

The Joy of Giving Kids Lesson Series on Generosity

The Joy of Giving

This four-week series examines the biblical understanding of generosity. By looking at the character of God, the good Samaritan, the widow’s offering, and Paul’s encouragement to give generously, kids will see that God wants them to be generous in all areas of their lives.

The Characters of Christmas Kids Lesson Graphic

The Characters of Christmas

This four-week series will look at different characters in the Christmas story to see how the birth of Jesus was good news of great joy for all of them, whether an elderly couple like Zechariah and Elizabeth, a poor young couple like Joseph and Mary, the marginalized shepherds, or even cosmic beings (angels).

Finish Line Kids Lesson Series Graphic

Finish Line

This one-week, end-of-the-year series leads us to reflect on all that God has done over the last twelve months. We will remember God’s work in our community, as well as how we have responded to him in baptism, discipleship, and more.

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