Lectionary Sermon Calendar - Year B

A 52-week roadmap through the church calendar, following Year B of the Revised Lectionary Calendar.

Holy Light: An Advent Sermon Series Graphic

Holy Light: An Advent Series

Advent invites us to celebrate more than the birth of Christ. It invites us to look back at history and remember God’s promises to us. During this time of reflection, we consider our own lives and how God uses life’s high and low moments to beckon us into a closer, more personal relationship with him. This four-week study looks at the ways God has moved throughout history to redeem and restore peace between humanity and him.

Go Tell It Christmas Sermon Series Graphic

Go Tell It: A Christmas Series

Even in the busyness of the Christmas season, Christ calls us to keep him at the center of our lives. This three-week series, including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, draws on themes of celebration and proclamation, so that we are guided back again to the true reason for the season.

Revealed Epiphany Sermon Series Graphic

Revealed: An Epiphany Series

Epiphany is the celebration of the revelation of who Jesus is: the Savior of the world. This seven-week series looks at different events in Jesus’s ministry and shows how they fill out our picture of Jesus.

Broken For Us Lent Sermon Series Graphic

Broken For Us: A Lent Series

This Lenten series contemplates the reasons why Jesus is going to the cross. Our lives are hard—because of our own sinfulness, but also because of the actions of the world. God knows this and has promised to deliver us from the pain of this world. He promises the ultimate redemption of the world and of all those who believe. The concentration of his promises is found in Jesus’s cross.

Because He Lives: An Easter Series

In this seven-week series, we reach the peak of the story of God’s work with his people: the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. But what comes after that? During the weeks spanning the season of Easter, we examine the implications of Jesus’s resurrection, how it impacts those who bear witness to it, and what we can learn about how God works in the days after we hear his good news.

The Spirit: The Identity and Purpose of the Holy Spirit

This ten-week sermon series covers part of the season of Pentecost. This special season revolves around the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the church. In this series, we will see that the Holy Spirit performs many functions. He is the Spirit of truth, the Spirit of unity, the Spirit of love, the Spirit of life, the Spirit of growth, and the Spirit of power. According to Scripture, the Holy Spirit is a miracle worker, a gift-giver, and the master builder of the church. This sermon series will help your congregation gain a better appreciation for and a fuller understanding of the identity and purpose of the Holy Spirit.

The Bread of Life: Provision and Mission Through Christ

This six-week series examines the Christian’s path of life. It starts in the feeding of our life by Jesus Christ, both for physical and spiritual needs. Once we have been fed, we are then to feed those around us by contemplating our own sin, working to support our brothers and sisters in Christ in their life of growth, and serving our neighbors.

Endure: Pressing On Towards Christ

This four-week Pentecost series looks at the important actions believers take in their lives and how faith shapes these actions. The Holy Spirit was sent on Pentecost to be our guide, and so the Spirit is guiding us to confess and share our faith in Jesus with others.

Follow Him Lectionary Year B Sermon Series Graphic

Follow Him: The Way, The Truth and the Life

This eight-week series during the season of Pentecost invites the congregation to hear Jesus speak truth to a variety of situations. Whether he is addressing issues of morality, economics, or relationships, he is calling us to follow him—the way, the truth, and the life.

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