Lectionary Sermon Calendar: Year B

A 52-week plan based on the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) which is a three-year cycle of weekly Bible passages built around the church calendar.

Good News A Christmas Sermon Series Graphic

Good News: A Christmas Series

Advent and Christmas are seasons of good news: Advent for the coming of a newborn Savior, Christmas for the arrival of that Savior. But before the good news can come, we need to understand the bad news that precedes it. Our sin is why the Savior had to come. When we know the depth of that sin, it makes the glory of the good news even greater.

The Call of God Epiphany Sermon Series Graphic

The Call of God: An Epiphany Series

The call of God has two parts to it: the call to you from God, and the call of youfor your neighbor. God calls to us to follow him, to receive Jesus Christ and to walk in his ways. His call of us is to lean into the work that he is already up to in the world. Both of these calls come through the work, life, and teaching of Jesus Christ.

Just As He Promised Lent Sermon Series Graphic

Just As He Promised: A Lent Series

This Lenten and Holy Week series focuses on the promises that God has made to us. In order to do that, we need to start with the situation that God promises himself into: our sin and brokenness. Even as we see the depth and width of our sin, we see the promises that God himself makes, in the person and work of Jesus Christ. It’s not going to be easy for us; in fact, it will probably be harder than we can ever know. Yet, God promises his hope and his new life, and we will see it in our lives.

The Story of Easter Sermon Series Graphic

The Story of Easter

Throughout his earthly life, Jesus told his disciples and others what he was doing. But divine hints of what was to come were not limited only to Christ’s years on earth. God had always been telling his people what Jesus was going to do, and even now, Jesus tells us what he is going to do in our lives. He tells us the what (continue to save sinners) and the how (using us and our work in the midst of this world).

The Way of Christ Pentecost Sermon Series Graphic

The Way of Christ

This series focuses on the “weird” nature of the Christian life and faith. Using examples from the lives of Jesus and David, and words from Paul, we will see just how different the way of Christ is from what the world expects from life. It may look odd to the outside world, but these examples will show us how God works in the world and how he works through us for the sake of the proclamation of Jesus Christ as the world’s only hope.

Everlasting Life John 6 Sermon Series Graphic

Everlasting Life

This six-week series examines John 6, along with a passage from Mark. John 6 begins with Jesus’s miracles of the feeding of the five thousand and walking on water, but then it becomes a much longer discourse about Jesus’s identity as the Bread of Life. The food that truly satisfies is not made from wheat or oats but is made from Jesus’s precious body and blood, and his innocent suffering and death. We often believe that what we do shows who we are, but when we “eat” the flesh and blood of Jesus, he changes us, and that causes us to do what is in his will.

Who Is This Man Gospel of Mark Sermon Series Graphic

Who Is This Man?

This four-week series examines aspects of Jesus’s character. His character is revealed by his interactions with his disciples, with those who need healing, and even with children. In these interactions, Jesus shows that his heart is for all people, even (perhaps especially) those outside the traditional community. Through words difficult and caring, Jesus declares that his people should trust in him and participate in his work, for the sake of their neighbors.

In Christ The Kingdom of God Sermon Series Graphic

In Christ: The Kingdom of God

This eight-week series focuses on the nature of Christ as Priest and King of God Almighty. Jesus came as the image of God in this world, and his work reflects the work of God. The author of Hebrews shows how Jesus shows the image of God more fully and clearly than the priestly system that Jews of the day did. From the nature of the priest to the location of the Holy of Holies, to the very sacrifice itself, Christ is the perfect version of all these shadows.

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