Lectionary Sermon Calendar: Year C

A 52-week plan based on the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) which is a three-year cycle of weekly Bible passages built around the church calendar.

Joyful Expectation Advent and Christmas Sermon Series Graphic

Joyful Expectation: An Advent and Christmas Series

Advent and Christmas are seasons filled with joyful expectation. During Advent, we look forward to the birth of the Savior. During Christmas, we celebrate his arrival and marvel at all the ways he exceeds our expectations. Chief among these is the joy he brings through the good news of our salvation.

Proclamation: An Epiphany Seires

This Epiphany series explores the significance of Jesus’s resurrection. The Bible, especially in the writings of Paul, often speaks of God’s mysterious work in the world. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus form the key to solving that mystery and fully engaging in the Christian life.

Poured Out Lent Sermon Series Graphic

Poured Out: A Lent Series

During Lent, we pour out our grief and sin, pain and regret, holding nothing back. In response, God too holds nothing back, pouring himself out for our redemption. This Lent series begins with Ash Wednesday and ends on Good Friday. It explores our need to confess our sins and fully trust God’s faithfulness to forgive.

Unstoppable Kingdom: An Easter Series Sermon Graphic

Unstoppable Kingdom: An Easter Series

Followers of Jesus will encounter problems of all kinds, but God’s presence and redemptive plan cannot be stopped. Easter is the time in the liturgical year when we recognize that the heavens and earth will be restored to glory, death will be reversed, and evil will be defeated forever.

Faithful God: A Pentecost Series Sermon Graphic

Faithful God: A Pentecost Series

This lectionary series for the season of Pentecost, year C, focuses on the faithfulness of God to his plan of redemption. We can see that faithfulness first through the prophets and then through Jesus. We will be encouraged to recognize how Scripture tells the same story: that God is faithful to his promises.

Made New: The Power of God Sermon Series Graphic

Made New: The Power of God

This nine-week sermon series invites the congregation to explore all the ways God redeems us and makes us into new creations. The series challenges the listener to remember God’s mercy in our lives and to consider how God wants us to help bring new creation to our world.

Take Heart Pentecost 3 Lectionary Sermon Series Graphic

Take Heart: The Faithfulness of God

This seven-week sermon series encourages the congregation to take heart in the gospel. We may face many difficult situations as we strive to follow Jesus, but he will remain faithful to us no matter what we encounter. Like Paul, we can be confident that God will reward those who long for Jesus’s appearing (2 Timothy 4:8).

Glorify Pentecost 4 Lectionary Sermon Series Graphic

Glorify: Surrender To Christ

This four-week series concludes the church year on a note of thanksgiving. Themes of hope, gratitude, and courage prevail, with practical applications in worship, prayer, and spiritual practices, as we remember that God lifts us up as we bless and extol the name of Jesus. There is also an optional guide for All Saints’ Day included in this series.

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