Topical Sermon Calendar: Volume 3

A 52-week roadmap through topics like second chances, grace, hospitality, theology, doubt and more.

Second Chances New Year Sermon Graphic

Second Chances

This stand-alone sermon for the New Year grounds the hearers in the firmest footing for the future: the grace of God that brings salvation to everyone and gives us the ability to grow in faith and holiness.

I'll Do It Tomorrow Sermon Series Graphic

I'll Do It Tomorrow

This four-week series explores the difficulties of change in the Christian life. Through understanding procrastination, sanctification, and the power of cultivating spiritual habits, we see the life-giving process of change in the Christian life.

Open House Hospitality Sermon Series Graphic

Open House: Hospitality in the Bible

This four-week series looks at the theme of hospitality through Scripture. Through biblical exposition and practical tips, congregants will be able to experience and live out the hospitality of God.

Marked Following Jesus Sermon Series Graphic

Marked: Called By The Savior

Jesus began his ministry by calling men and women to follow him and be his disciples. Today, the invitation of Jesus remains the same: to follow him as his students and to embrace his life and teaching in every area of our lives.


Easter Sunday

This stand-alone message emphasizes the confidence believers and seekers can have in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

God On Film 2021 Sermon Series Graphic

God On Film

This four-week series uses Scripture and scenes from blockbuster movies over the last few decades to remind us that we all play an important part in the story of God’s plan of salvation for the world. Whether through public demonstrations of our faith, or creating a place of belonging for the lost, we are called to participate in the story of God’s love for this world. This series is designed to pull films from across various decades. Movies can be substituted based on the needs of the group.

We Shall Overcome Sermon Series Graphic

We Shall Overcome

This four-week series points the church to God’s grace during hardship. Chronicling tribulations in church history, we will see that our problems today are not unique to us. Like the saints of the past, we are invited to focus our eyes on God’s promises, his Word, and his faithfulness—and the certainty that we too shall overcome!

Trust And Obey 1 Peter Sermon Series Graphic

Trust & Obey

As we seek to trust and obey Christ, we will discover that obedience often means suffering and even persecution. Using the biblical context of Peter’s message to the diaspora of persecuted believers in his first epistle, we will learn how to suffer well amid obedience and faithfulness. Following from Peter’s counsel to early believers, this series fuels the journey of sanctification by offering biblical, applicable advice on how to put our faith into action.


Guest Speaker

Use this bundle to introduce a guest speaker to your service. Included in the bundle is an announcement slide, bulletin graphic, Facebook cover photo, postcard graphic, along with several other multi-purpose layouts.

Convictions What We Believe Sermon Series Graphic

Convictions: What We Believe

Do Christians have nonnegotiable beliefs, and if so, what are they? This eight-week series looks at eight key topics in evangelical theology that all Christians agree about. Our faith will be challenged as we ask ourselves, “When it comes to my beliefs, what is important and why?”

Disillusioned Doubt Sermon Series Graphic

Disillusioned: What To Do When We Doubt

This four-week series examines doubt in the life of a Christian. The experiences of biblical characters show us that doubt pushes believers toward a deeper understanding of faith. God desires that we walk with him in our seasons of doubt.

Strange Encounters Bible Sermon Series Graphic

Strange Encounters: Examining Puzzling Aspects os Scripture

This four-week series looks at some of the more bizarre passages in the Bible—the ones that make us think, “What on earth?” Along the way, we’ll see how even the strangest parts of the Bible reveal God’s nature to us and encourage and strengthen our faith.

The Greatest Month of Generosity Ever Generosity Sermon Series

The Greatest Month of Generosity Ever

This four-week series examines the biblical understanding of generosity. By looking at the character of God, the good Samaritan, the widow’s offering, and Paul’s encouragement to give generously, we will see that God wants us to be generous in all areas of our life.

The Characters of Christmas Sermon Series Graphic

The Characters of Christmas

This four-week series examines the different characters in the Christmas story to see how the birth of Jesus was good news of great joy for all of them—whether an elderly couple like Zechariah and Elizabeth, a poor young couple like Joseph and Mary, the marginalized shepherds, or even cosmic beings (angels).

Hindsight End Of The Year Sermon Graphic

Hindsight: Looking Back to Move Forward

This one-week, end-of-the-year series leads us to reflect on all that God has done over the last twelve months. We will remember God’s work in our community, as well as how we have responded to him in baptism, discipleship, and more.

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