The Ultimate List of Sermon Topics

The Ultimate List of Sermon Topics is a quick snapshot of 115 different topics you can scan through and choose based upon where God has your church, what he wants to say through you, and how he wants to use your congregation now and in the future.
The Ultimate List of Sermon Topics | Ministry Pass Featured Image

UPDATED FOR 2022: This article has been amended and an additional 30+ sermon series topics have been added at the bottom.

Looking for ideas as you plan your next sermon series? Is your schedule being pulled in all directions and planning ahead has become a bit more difficult among everything else you’re being asked to do?

The Ultimate List of Sermon Topics is a quick snapshot of 115 different topics you can scan through and choose based upon where God has your church, what he wants to say through you, and how he wants to use your congregation now and in the future.

Your job is a difficult one and preaching week in and week out is a task that no other vocation asks of their leaders. Ha, most leaders have speech writers who do all their prep for them!

Our pastoral team has done some of the prep work for you and our hope is that this curated list of sermon topic ideas will make your life exponentially easier to create a plan for this weekend, next weekend, and every weekend from this point forward.

Bookmark this page and come back whenever you find yourself wishing you had an assistant to go out there and do a little research for you.

3 Ways You Can Use This Ultimate List of Sermon Topics

Sometimes all you’re looking for is an idea or something to spark an idea. When that’s the case, check out this list of sermon topic ideas.

There are other seasons where your life as a pastor is so busy that you’d really appreciate sitting down with other pastors to bounce around ideas and walk away with a real, concrete action plan.

As you use our list below, we have three suggestions for how you can use this list to serve as a pseudo pastor idea session.

1 – Create A Quick Draft Sermon Calendar Outline and Ask for Feedback

Go through the list of sermon topics below and jot down which topics or ideas which are most meaningful or relevant to your church. Once you’ve chosen several topics or ideas you feel good about, order them out over 12 months, 24 months, even 36 months. Don’t overthink it, just put them in an order that makes the most sense.

Sermon Calendar Mockup Laptop

Make Sermon Planning Easier With A Preaching Calendar

Empower your team to help move the mission forward, providing everyone a clear picture of the direction God is taking the church.

Take your list and send it to your leaders, let them know that this quick draft sermon calendar outline is on your radar and something you’re thinking about. When you present your list of topics for the upcoming year (or years), ask your leaders to “begin praying through what God would want our church to learn and discover about him in the near and far future.” Include a date that you and the team – whether paid or lay – can sit down and discuss the list and what they sense God saying through their prayer and quiet moments.

During this gathering, don’t feel like you have to nail something down. It’s better to hold your plans loosely. You already know that and during meetings like this, it’s good to be reminded of it. God could change your direction and that’s okay. Your goal should simply be to create a list of Biblical topic ideas that the Holy Spirit can use to lead and guide you and your team of leaders.

2 – Create A Master List of Topics and Brainstorm Sermon Series Ideas

However, we know it’s not always possible to have that much of a long-term focus. Sometimes, you just need an immediate, short-term fix to fill upcoming gaps in your sermon series calendar. The list of sermon topics below can help with this too. 

Use the list as a canvas to paint on. Go through the topic ideas, make notes in your app or on paper with the topics that seem like the best fit for the coming months. Once you’ve spent some time picking topics, write down a list of angles or possible sermon series titles for each of the sermon topics described below. 

Again, don’t overthink it, just let the creative juices flow and have fun with the possibilities of what God could do through the topics he’s allowing you to choose from.

3 – Pay Attention to Sermon Series that Already Exist Covering A Given Topic

There is a huge difference between a shortcut and efficiency. While shortcuts get a wrap as being a way to ‘cheat the system’, efficiency is a trampoline that provides momentum to things we’re already choosing to do. Pastors live under constant pressure to be original and to create something that’s never been done before or take an angle that’s never been pursued. It’s a noble thought, however, scripture is clear that no matter how hard a pastor works at being original, it’s already been done.

What has been will be again,
   what has been done will be done again;
   there is nothing new under the sun.
Ecclesiastes 1:9

Everything has been done. Every great sermon idea has already been preached. Every angle has been covered. Every illustration has already been used. What is unique and original is the fact that YOU haven’t done it.

Pay close attention to the sermon series, bundles, resources, frameworks, and sermon topic ideas that already exist, and begin thinking about them as a trampoline to accelerate your ideas. If you find something you really like, reclassify it as an efficient way to work and prepare and put to bed the idea that it’s cheating or it’s a shortcut. Solomon said it’s already been done. Lean on the truth of scripture and stop putting pressure on yourself to do something that is stealing your time and energy.

The Ultimate List of Sermon Topics

Sermon Topics – ABC Order

  1. Abide in Christ – a simple and impactful sermon series idea for this topic would be to preach through John 15 and then use that chapter as a jumping off point to talk in more detail of what abiding in Christ looks like.
  2. Abundant Life – Jesus said he came to give us abundant life. What does that look like? Help your congregation see what it means and live it every day.
  3. Addiction – addiction goes beyond drugs and alcohol. It can plague us in many other ways too. How does God help us get rid of addictions? Help people find freedom from addictions through the power of Jesus by preaching on this powerful sermon topic.
  4. Adoption – this can be on the act of adopting children, on how God has adopted us as sons and daughters, or, better yet, both.
  5. Advent – help prepare your congregation for Christmas and the celebration of God arriving on the scene of history as a man, Jesus of Nazareth. Check out this Advent sermon series bundle.
    The Unexpected King Advent Sermon Series Graphic
    Advent: The Unexpected King is a 4-week sermon series that comes with graphics, small group questions, sermon research series guide, and more!
  6. After Salvation – what does the Christian life look like after someone is saved? Let’s make sure we are discipling new believers in the faith. Chapter 2 is a sermon series that is designed to do exactly that.
  7. American Dream – sometimes a sermon topic needs to be looked at, examined, and pushed up against. This is one of those sermon topics. Help your congregation see the contrast between living in the kingdom of God rather than living in the kingdom of this world. Failing Faith is a sermon series that will help you do that.
  8. Anger – more people in your congregation struggle with anger than you may think. By preaching on this sermon topic, you can bring Biblical truth to their struggle.
  9. Apologetics – what’s the reason for the hope you have?
  10. Apostles – who were they and what did they do?
  11. Armor of God – Help your congregation put on the full armor of God. Body Armor is a sermon series designed for this topic.
  12. Assurance of Salvation – can we be sure of our salvation? Of course. Why? It’s all because of grace. Rescued is a sermon series designed to help your congregation understand and respond to God’s grace and His gift of salvation.
  13. Baptism – what is it, what does it mean, and what is its purpose? Washed: New Life in Christ is a sermon series that helps answer those questions.
    Washed: New Life In Christ Sermon Series Graphic
  14. Beatitudes – want to be blessed? Of course, we do. The Beatitudes is a sermon series that covers these well.
  15. Bible – what is the Bible? Is it significant? Is it really God’s word? What does it say? What doesn’t it say? The Bible Doesn’t Say That is a sermon series that approaches this sermon topic in a creative way.
  16. Children – the Bible says children are a blessing from the Lord. All of us have a part to play in raising the next generation for Christ whether we have children of our own or not.  If you preach on this topic, address people in many types of parenting situations. Faith Like A Child.
    An encouragement in our attitude toward faith and an admonishment to avoid some everyday childish ways… all wrapped up in this sermon series Faith Like a Child: Becoming Humble Followers of Jesus.
  17. Christmas – what can be better to preach about than God coming down to live among us and rescue us from our sins? Searching for Christmas is a great sermon series to consider preaching this Christmas.
  18. Church – what is the church and why does it matter? We Are the Church is a perfect sermon series for this sermon topic.
  19. Communion – the Lord’s supper can easily be confusing. So, provide clarity and talk about the beauty of what Jesus instituted before His death.
  20. Community – it’s important to live the Christian faith with others. After all, the “one another” commands are abundant in Scripture. Here’s a sermon series on the topic: Uncomfortable: The Awkward and Essential Challenge of Christian Community.
  21. Contentment – for some, this is a bad word. In a world that yells more, more, more, we’re called to be content. This is a great sermon topic to cover during seasons of materialism in our culture. Looking for a sermon series idea to get you started? Consider looking at Enough Is Enough.
    Enough Is Enough Gratitude and Contentment Sermon Series Graphic
    We spend so much of our time chasing after careers, people, or possessions that never satisfy us in the end. When is enough, enough? This four-week series examines the biblical concept of contentment and how we can find it in Christ.
  22. Covenants – Old Covenant, Abrahamic Covenant, New Covenant? What are these all about? What are these all about? Preach a sermon series helping your congregation understand the different covenants, and how their meanings bring meaning to our own lives.
    Promises: Covenants In The Bible Sermon Series Graphic
    Promises: Covenants In the Bible is a six-weeks series, exploring the old covenants to understand the new covenant in Jesus.
  23. Dating – what does dating look like when you follow Jesus? People are asking that question whether they voice it to you or not. Here’s a sermon series that will help: DM: Dating and Marriage
  24. Death – 100% of people will deal with this at some point. We should help everyone be prepared.
  25. Depression – more and more people are dealing with some form of depression. What does Scripture say to help those who are dealing with depression? Overwhelmed is a book by Perry Noble on the subject.
  26. Difficulties – we’re either heading into or heading out of a storm. Difficulties will come, the question is how will we respond to them? Stand Firm is a perfect sermon series to address this sermon topic.
  27. Discipleship – we’re called to make disciples so, among all these sermon topics, most can be filed under this topic. But what about specific sermons and sermon series on how to do discipleship? That would be hepful! The Power of Routine is a great sermon series to teach your congregation spiritual disciplines.
  28. Diversity – this sermon topic is one of the most prevalent themes in the New Testament, specifically how Christ bridged the gap and reconciled Jew to Gentile and Gentile to Jew. Here’s a sermon series on this sermon topic: My Skin.
    My Skin: Racial Reconciliation Sermon Series
  29. Divorce – among the different sermon topics related to marriage, divorce doesn’t get much airtime. Let’s change that. God has said some serious things about it.
  30. Emotions – can they be trusted? God made us with emotions, but is it okay to feel? Is it okay to express how we feel? A sermon series like Songs of the Summer will help you address those questions.
  31. Encouragement – this is one of the sermon topics that probably can’t get too much attention. All of us need encouragement to keep going, to keep growing, to keep the faith, and to live with courage. Jesus has overcome and Take Heart is a 3-week sermon series exploring the encouragement in that truth.
    Take Heart Sermon Series Graphic
  32. Evangelism – spreading the good news of Jesus is one of the most important sermon topics we could preach. Mission is a perfect sermon series to preach on and help your congregation value and do evangelism.
  33. Evil – there is a spiritual war going on and our awareness of that war will help us engage in our mission and resist the enemy’s tactics. Reality: The Battle Between Good and Evil is a sermon series on this exact sermon topic.
  34. Faith – this is the linchpin of our walk with God. It’s one thing to understand that God is powerful, it’s another thing to live a faith-filled life in the Almighty God. Faith changes everything. Talk Is: Putting Words Into Action is designed as a student sermon series, but it can certainly be used for adults too.
  35. False Teaching – it’s certainly helpful to show what God’s word says about different topics, but sometimes we need to see the contrasting beliefs and expose them. The reality is, many people in the church today believe in some form of false teaching. A series like The Bible Doesn’t Say That will help you do this well.
  36. Family – imagine what it would look like to see Christ-centered families rise up from your congregation. That would be powerful. God values family and the family can be a powerful institution for making disciples. Family Feels is a compelling sermon series to help you address this sermon topic.
  37. Fasting – this spiritual discipline has been largely lost in our culture today. But fasting is something that Christians should engage in prayerfully to aid them in focusing solely on God. Prayer and Fasting is an event bundle to help you lead your congregation in 21 days of prayer and fasting.
  38. Fear – everyone deals with fear in some form or fashion. This preaching topic will impact everyone listening.
    Fear Sermon Series Graphic
    This five-week series explores characters from the Bible who experienced seasons of fear—the “in-between” trials of life.
  39. Finances – how can we honor God with our finances? Jesus talked A LOT about money so we certainly shouldn’t ignore it. First Fruits is a sermon series for finances.
  40. Forgiveness – in Christ, we have forgiveness and we’re called to forgive others. But how do we forgive? Cover this sermon topic to help your congregation find freedom in forgiveness.
  41. Friendship – what does Scripture say about friendship and how to do it well? More than we might expect. Friend-ology: The Study of Friendships is a sermon series on the sermon topic of friendship.
  42. Fruit of the Spirit – found in Galatians 5, we see what God wants to produce in our lives. Check out this sermon series: Fruit of the Spirit.
    Fruit of the Spirit Sermon Series Graphic
  43. Gifts of the Spirit – God has given us gifts to use for His glory and people’s good. What do these gifts look like and how can we discover what gift we have? A sermon series like Gifted will help you dig deeper.
  44. Giving – what does generosity look like as a Christian? Most people in churches don’t give cheerfully or abundantly. What could change if the church became more generous? Apparently A LOT!
  45. Glory of God – all glory is His. But what does that mean? 75 Bible verses about the glory of God. 
  46. God – who is God? What is He like? Of all these sermon topics, this is the most fundamental and important. Use this sermon series: Artifacts: What God is Like.
  47. God’s Will – is this a mystery or is it clearly seen in Scripture? How Do I Know God’s Will? is a sermon series that dives into this topic.
  48. Gospel – the good news! Want a sermon series on this sermon topic? Use this sermon series: The Gospel.
  49. Gossip – this plagues many individuals, groups, and even entire churches. Preaching a sermon series or sermon topic on gossip will help your congregation use their words to bring glory to God.
    Church Hurt Finding Healing Sermon Series Graphic
  50. Grace – God’s grace is a beautiful thing. We get what we don’t deserve! Grace is Greater is a sermon series you can use to preach on grace.
  51. Greed – this plagues many hearts, but it doesn’t have to be that way. God can release us from the stronghold of greed.
  52. Hate – Jesus said that if anyone hates someone else, he has committed murder in his heart. That means that hate is very serious.
  53. Healing – we all have wounds which means we all need healing. Jesus the Healer is a sermon series for this sermon topic.
  54. Heaven – what is heaven like? Will it be just hanging out on clouds? Bring truth to the common misconceptions by preaching a Biblical view of heaven. Check out The Good Place sermon series.
    Afterlife, Heavenly mansions, eternity, and activities? What will Heaven be like? A 3 week sermon series exploring honest talks about Heaven and the afterlife.
  55. Hell – is Hell a real place where real people go? Even though this is one of the sermon topics that will cause some controversy, it shouldn’t be ignored. Jesus spoke of Hell often.
  56. Holiness – God told us to be holy as He is holy. But what does holiness look like?
  57. Holy Spirit – some have called Him the forgotten God. Who is the Holy Spirit and how is He involved in our lives? Erased is a sermon series on the Holy Spirit.
  58. Homosexuality – this sermon topic is becoming increasingly relevant to our day and time.
  59. Hope – we all need to keep our hope fixed on the never-changing Lord. When our hope goes other places, we fall and become hopeless. While culture tries to rob people of their hope, preach a sermon series like this one to bring it back. Hope is a 4 week sermon series great for this topic.
    Hope Sermon Series Graphic
    This four-week series examines the theme of hope. Through understanding the biblical and theological context of hope, we can see its relationship to faith, its place in human suffering, and ultimately, its focus not on circumstances but in God.
  60. Humanity – the doctrine of humanity is an important sermon topic to address. It explains why we are the way we are and what we need most.
  61. Humility – this is one of the sermon topics that can be ignored, but it is rich in theological depth. Following Jesus’ example of humility, we can embrace this attitude too.
  62. Idolatry – we run up against this sin every day because we are tempted to worship at the altar of things and other people rather than God.
    Idols: Identifying Idols Sermon Series Graphic
    The sermon series iDols: Identifying Idols is a sermon series that uses four weeks to explore the potential in the 21st century to commit idolatory.
  63. Jesus – His life, His teachings, His mission, and His finished work on the cross and His subsequent resurrection are all sermon topics that you can’t preach on too much. Better: Jesus is Greater is a great sermon series to begin with.
    Better: Jesus is Greater Sermon Series Graphic
  64. Joy – is joy the same thing as happiness? How can we get more joy in our lives? Preach a sermon series like this one, about contagious joy.
  65. Kindness – we’re called to be kind to others.
  66. Kingdom of God – Jesus reigns and rules over something brand new – the Kingdom of God. Use this sermon series to begin preaching on this important sermon topic: The Kingdom.
  67. Leadership – is this worthy of a sermon? This is one of the most underrated sermon topics, but I’m convinced it deserves our time and attention. Why? Because leadership is a gift from God. Timeless is a perfect sermon series to use to preach on leadership.
  68. Love – Jesus said that others would know that we are His disciples by the way we love one another. Messy: Loving Others Isn’t Easy gets honest with the subject of love and equips us on how to love people well.
  69. Marriage – strong, Christ-centered marriages are powerful testimonies of God’s goodness and grace. This sermon series will help you help married couples build their marriages so that they will last: Some Assembly Required.
  70. Materialism – this can be a powerful force that creates a barrier between us and God. Let’s knock it down. Hot Seat: Conversations on Controversies is a sermon series that addresses materialism and three other controversial topics.
  71. Mercy – blessed are the merciful. We have been given mercy by God and we have the opportunity to give mercy to others. This powerful preaching topic will move people toward deeper love and compassion.
  72. Missions – we’re called to make disciples to the ends of the earth. Not everyone goes, but everyone can be a part of the mission. Check out One Mission sermon series.
    The challenge: helping adults engage in a missional focus in daily life. One Mission is a 3-week sermon series to make a compelling, Gospel case for missional living. Available from Ministry Pass.
  73. Money – see “finances” above.
  74. Obedience – Jesus shows us the way of radical obedience to the Father. Grit: Radical Obedience is a perfect sermon series to show the obedience we’re called to.
  75. Pain – we all deal with it but what does it mean? Is there any benefit to pain? Does God redeem it? Burned: Healing the Pains of Hypocrisy is a sermon series designed to help people heal from the pain that the church has caused people.
  76. Parables – Jesus told stories and we should retell them. Use this sermon series: Jesus the Storyteller.
  77. Parenting – children are a gift from the Lord, but sometimes parenting can be hard. So how can we do it well? Parenting Fail comes at the topic from the negative side, but lands on the positive.
  78. Peace – Jesus promised a peace that passes all understanding. The world around us wants to steal our peace, but preaching on this topic will help your congregation find peace in the storm.
  79. Perseverance – a big theme in the New Testament is perseverance because many Christians were dealing with persecution and hardship. The Book of Isaiah is a sermon series that addresses this sermon topic.
  80. Power – what is power and how should it be used? Jesus used His power in a way that should cause us to rethink the typical ways we think about power and influence.
  81. Prayer – we have the privilege and honor of talking to God. Wow! The Prayers of the Psalms is a powerful sermon series on one of the most important sermon topics – prayer.
    The Prayers of the Psalms Sermon Series Graphic with Praying Hands
  82. Promises of God – God has made promises and He always keeps them. What are the promises of God? Preaching a series on this topic can help people rest in His promises.
  83. Prophets – the major and minor prophets of the Old Testament can be powerful sermon topics. Here’s a sermon series on Hosea called, Boundless.
  84. Providence – is God in charge? What does that mean? Why does it matter?
  85. Purpose – everyone is searching for their purpose in life. We should be giving people direction from God’s word.
  86. Reconciliation – Jesus has reconciled us to God because we were, at one time, enemies of God. It’s a picture of grace.
  87. Relationships – the “one another” commands require relationships to be a major part of the Christian life. Preach a sermon on community and relationships. XO: Love Relationships and the Church is an original sermon series giving you a 4-week outline to follow and ideas for sermon illustrations, talking points, and key scriptures.
    Sermon Series: Love, Relationships, Church
  88. Repentance – among the many sermon topics, repentance is one that cannot be missed. Without it, our belief isn’t any better than the demons’.
  89. Rest – we often brag about how busy we are and how tired we are. God tells us to rest because we need it. Ministry Pass has two sermon series specifically for exploring Biblical themes of rest and sabbath: Redeeming Rest and Be Still.
    Redeeming Rest Practicing Sabbath Sermon Series Graphic
    Redeeming Rest: Practicing Sabbath, a four-week series from Ministry Pass.
  90. Restoration – God doesn’t just save us, He restores us. A sermon series like The Way covers many aspects of our lives in Christ, including restoration.
  91. Resurrection – According to Paul, if this sermon topic isn’t true, our faith is null and void. We must preach on the resurrection because it changes everything! Use this sermon bundle: Easter Sunday – Resurrection.
  92. Sacrifice – this sermon topic can go a few directions: OT sacrifices, Jesus’ sacrifice, and how we’re called to sacrifice our preferences for the sake of others. A sermon series that covers the third option, check out Game Over: Embracing A New Life.
  93. Salvation – of all the sermon topics, if we never get to this one, we are failing at preaching the Word. Rescued covers the topic of salvation in a powerful way.
  94. Sanctification – the Holy Spirit wants to make us holy. Chapter 2: What Comes After Salvation addresses this subject well.
  95. Satan – he is at work, trying to devour us. The good news? He’s going to lose.
  96. Service – we’re called to serve others in the name of Jesus. Preach a sermon series on this topic, and schedule service projects during the same month.
  97. Sex – in some churches, a sermon on sex wouldn’t be well-received. But it is desperately needed. Preach an entire sermon series on it: Sex In A Broken World: How Christ Redeems What Sin Distorts.
    Sex In A Broken World Sermon Series Graphic
  98. Sin – as much as it represents bad news, this is one of the sermon topics in this list that can’t be ignored. Not only should it be preached on as the main topic, it should be embedded in most, if not all our sermons.
  99. Singleness – Paul had some things to say about singleness and it has been ignored for the most part by the church. But more and more adults are single today than ever before.
  100. Spiritual Disciplines – the more our people can engage in spiritual disciplines at home, the better. Spiritual Habits is a sermon series that covers the spiritual disciplines well.
  101. Spiritual Gifts – see “Gifts of the Spirit” above. Use a sermon series like Spiritual Gifts: Gospel-Driven Mission to address the topic.
  102. Spiritual Growth and Maturity – we’re supposed to grow. Rubber Band: A Series on Growth covers both of these sermon topics.
  103. Stewardship – God has given us resources to manage for His glory. Nothing we have is our own. It’s all his. Own the Vision is a sermon series that connects stewardship with the mission of the church.
  104. Suffering – unfortunately, suffering is part of life. One of the things suffering does is produce character in us. We All Know Someone is one sermon series options to cover the topic of suffering.
    We All Know Someone Suffering Sermon Series
    A 4-week sermon series walking through suffering…
  105. Temptation – we will be tempted in this life, but God always gives us a path out of it. Filters: Temptation is Never What it Seems is a sermon series that takes a creative angle to address the topic of temptation.
  106. Tithing – see “giving” above.
  107. Trust – the more we trust God, the better.
  108. Truth – is truth relative or is it unmoving? What is truth, really? Romans: Discovering the Foundation of Our Faith gives us a solid foundation of truth to build our lives upon.
  109. Unity – Jesus prayed that His church would be unified. Unity is something we have to fight for and pursue. It won’t happen passively. Key themes of this topic are explored in the sermon series Out of Many, One: Unity In The Body of Christ.
    Out Of Many, One Unity Sermon Series Graphic
    The Western world is filled with fragmentation, most notably due to the Enlightenment ideal of individualism. By contrast, the church is meant to be a place where unity is encouraged and lived out, a haven where life is lived differently from the rest of the world.
  110. Victory – Jesus is victorious and through Him, we are victors. Preach a sermon series to share that good news!
  111. Vision – is vision important? Scripture says that without vision, the people perish. What does that mean? Preaching a vision Sunday soon? Use this media package.
  112. Wisdom – we’re told to pursue wisdom. Here’s a great sermon series on the topic: Proverbs: Fool-Proofing Your Life.
  113. Women in the Bible – there are many, many women in the Bible who were used by God. Women of the Bible is a sermon bundle that covers four of them.
  114. Work – is work important to God? Absolutely! We’re called to work for the glory of God. Don’t Waste Your Work covers one of the most relevant sermon topics for today. We need to understand our work in a biblical way.
  115. Worship – it’s a lifestyle and a corporate action. We all worship something. The important thing is that we worship the King of kings. How Do I Worship is a sermon series bundle that dives into this sermon topic

Even More Powerful and Relevant Sermon Series Topics

We’ve added an additional 35 preaching topic ideas. Check them out below:

  1. Abraham – who was Father Abraham? What did he do? How can we learn from his example? Some members of your congregation may have heard Abraham’s name but not know anything about his life and ministry.
  2. Accountability – preach a sermon topic on Biblical accountability, covering its importance and how to make it happen. Encourage members to connect and hold each other accountable in their spiritual lives.
  3. Angels – movies, media, and the culture around us portray angels in many different ways, but what does the Bible actually say? If you preach this sermon topic around Christmas, consider tying it into other nativity characters.
  4. Authority – not only does the Bible directly talk about the concept of authority, it also includes many stories of good (and bad) examples. 
  5. Being a Godly Man – what does it look like to be a godly man? If you preach this sermon topic, consider pulling examples from 1 Timothy 6.
  6. Being a Godly Woman – how can a woman live for God? In addition to Proverbs 31, pull examples from godly women in Scripture.
  7. Body of Christ – the body of Christ works together, and each part has its role. Preach a sermon series on this topic to help your congregation members understand their roles. Use a series like Out of Many, One.
  8. Compassion – the Bible tells us to “be kind and compassionate,” but what does that mean on a daily basis? How can we live with compassion in a world that’s divided, hurtful, and confused?
  9. Creation – creation is all around us – but we don’t talk about it as much as we should. This sermon topic could go in multiple directions, from talking about God on display in the created world, to talking about the creation story in Genesis.
  10. Culture – this sermon topic is relevant any week of the year. Christians constantly come face to face with culture, so guide your congregation on how to be in, but not of, the world. The sermon series Counter-Culture was written with youth in mind, but could be adapted for any audience.
  11. Darkness – the reality of living in a sinful world is that there’s spiritual darkness all around us. Preach a sermon on darkness, drawing from passages like John 1.
  12. Demons – are demons just little creatures with red horns, holding pitchforks? There’s more to it. Use this sermon topic to tell the real story of spiritual warfare in the Bible.
  13. Evidence for God – find books like Case for Christ by Lee Strobel or Cold Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace. Use talking points from those books, or other research, to equip your congregation to understand evidence for God.
  14. Focus – as we run this race, we are called to fix – or focus – our eyes on things above. How does that look on a practical, daily basis? Preach a sermon series like Back at It to help your listeners focus back on Christ.
  15. Genesis – preach a sermon series on this (or any other) Old Testament book. Dig into the characters, themes, and messages. Genesis: In the Beginning is a great starting point.
  16. Gospels – What’s different in the four gospel accounts? What is the same? What is each writer’s purpose and perspective? Preach a sermon series unpacking these four powerful books about Jesus’ life.
  17. Hiding – even though there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, it’s easy to continue to live our lives in hiding. Preach a sermon series inviting people to come out of hiding and step into the light.
  18. Honor – to honor something (or someone) means to hold it in great respect or esteem. How can we treat God, and our neighbors, with honor?
  19. Honor God With our Bodies – what does it mean to honor God with our bodies? Unpack 1 Corinthians 6:20.
  20. Honoring Parents – as you preach sermons on parenting, don’t neglect to preach on the opposite topic – how to honor your parents. This isn’t just a subject for kids. Explain how this looks different (and similar) as adults.
  21. Joseph – Joseph did more than just own a coat of many colors. Use a sermon series like Overnight to tell the story of this Biblical hero.
  22. Justification – when preaching sermons on justification, the book of Romans is a great place to start.
  23. Light – this is a powerful sermon topic to preach during the Christmas season. Use a series like The Light Has Come to bring hope and peace.
  24. Meditating on God’s Word – meditation is used in many ways in culture, but preach a sermon series (or one-off sermon, in a series about spiritual disciplines) on this topic to show your congregation how to meditate on the Bible.
  25. Names of God – the Bible contains many names for God, and each one has meaning for our lives. Preach a sermon series like Refuge to invite people to find comfort in God’s character.
  26. Paul’s Letters – Paul wrote letters to many New Testament churches. What can those letters teach us today?
  27. Popular TV Series – connect with people where they are and address topics they’re already thinking about, like popular TV series, movies, or music.
  28. Questions – we’ve all got questions. Address Burning Questions about God and Christianity. Or, crowdsource this sermon to see what questions are on people’s minds.
  29. Redemption – explore the story of redemption throughout the Bible with a series like The Gospel Series. Redemption is a beautiful sermon topic for a hurting world.
  30. Resolutions – everyone talks about resolutions at the beginning of the year, but few of those resolutions last. What if you talked about them mid-year, and challenged people to grow together?
  31. Revelation – use a series like All Things New to unpack this often confusing book.
  32. Sabbath – sabbath is a spiritual discipline, but is often overlooked in our consumer-driven, productivity-focused world. Use the series Redeeming Rest.
  33. Scripture Study – do your church members know how to study the Bible? Lead them with a series like this one.
  34. Social Media/Internet – surveys show that the average person spends hours every day on social media. If people are spending so much time there, why not address it as a sermon topic?
  35. Strongholds – we’ve all got things holding us down. Preach a sermon on this powerful topic to invite people to step into freedom and break down their strongholds.
  36. Temporary vs Eternal – preach a sermon series like Kingdom Come to talk about how to live for eternity here on this earth.
  37. The Lost – every person listening to your sermons knows someone who doesn’t know Christ yet. Preach a sermon series outlining steps to reach the lost.
  38. Witchcraft – witchcraft is becoming more and more normal in today’s culture. Learn what’s going on and preach a sermon warning people to stick to God’s path.
  39. Words – the words you speak hold power. Preach a sermon series on words, unpacking the Bible’s guidance when it comes to the way we speak.

Get Ahead and Plan Your Sermon Topics

Prayerfully plan out your future sermon topics and begin to put those topics into sermon series. Not only will you be able to intentionally plan what your congregation will be exposed to, but you’ll get rid of the weekly stress of not only preparing a sermon but figuring out what the sermon will be about.

Need help on how to plan a sermon series? Ministry Pass founder, Justin Trapp talks about his 6-step process for planning a sermon series on the Pro Church Tools Podcast.

If you want to add two teams to your church at the fraction of the cost of adding staff, we can help. We can help you with sermon planning, sermon research, and creative media. Start your free 14-day trial today!

Preaching Calendar Template for Planning Your Annual Sermon Series

A free spreadsheet template to help you organize your series ideas and preaching calendar.

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Brandon Kelley is a pastor at The Crossing on the east side of Cincinnati. He is the managing editor of Ministry Pass, co-founder of, and the author of Preaching Sticky Sermons. You can connect with him on Twitter @BrandonKelley_.

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