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Turning Sermon Series Into Online Video Devotionals

Times are changing right before our eyes. Saying that the church needs to adapt as the world changes is an understatement. Willingness to adapt our methods to continue to have the deepest impact would be very wise. This year (2020) has certainly been a year of change, but it can also become a year for growth – for you and for your church.

One of the ways you can do that is by turning your sermon series into video content to be used as online devotionals and other online teaching.

You have a calling to shepherd your flock –– to inspire and support the people engaged with your church –– but how can you do that effectively in this day and age? If you find yourself wondering how to keep up with the growing demand of online ministry, sermon writing, and pastoring your church, you’re not alone.

We’re seeing that spiritual formation is shifting more than ever to increased at-home and on-demand needs and preferences. Keeping up with the digital age (and also bearing in mind how unpredictable our world has proven to be) will only grow your reach to more people… especially those seeking peace with God and inspiration to live out their faith. 

Help Your People Grow in Their Faith With Video Devotionals

Most people are more likely to grow in their faith if they are provided with ways to easily connect with the Lord. Many don’t have their own set of spiritual disciplines they carry out on a daily basis that inspire their growth. 

It’s common for a Christian to have a Bible and perhaps even some devotionals or Christian books. But just like any discipline, it can be difficult to make daily readings a consistent habit — even more so these past few months as everything has been tipped upside down. 

Routines have been thrown off. Churches are meeting online. It’s easy for all of us to get distracted with the changing news and all that’s going on. Yet, in the midst of all this, one thing has definitely stayed the same, if not increased. 

Online engagement and connection. It’s our go-to now more than ever. So, as a pastor of a church, your digital presence matters now more than ever.

Video Devotionals are Powerful Tools and You’ve Already Done the Work!

Why not leverage this reality and show up in your congregation’s email inbox with a short video full of encouragement and grounding? 

A weekly or daily devotional created by their very own pastor or church staff is a powerful way to assist people in their everyday walk. 

You don’t have to be an expert. In fact, you don’t even have to recreate content for digital platforms or stress about coming up with new and creative ways of saying things you urgently want to communicate.

Why? Because you’ve already done that work –– it’s all in your weekly sermon. With more and more people getting their content from digital spaces, it’s more important now than ever before for pastors to get into that space in an efficient and impactful way.

When you utilize the content from your weekly sermons, you’re putting that message in front of your congregation more often, making it much more accessible. 

You have the capability of encouraging and challenging occasional online viewers and regular attendees alike by creating devotionals they can open and engage with at their convenience. This way, you’ll have multiple touch points of discipleship throughout the week.

This will allow others to sit with the message longer and apply some of the principles in a practical way that can lead to actual life-change and transformational living.

Creating Your First Video Devotional
Start by taking one of the main points of your sermon and write down a few thoughts to support it.

Creating Your First Video Devotional

So, how do you create your first devotional piece from your sermons?

A smart, simple way to engage with your congregation throughout the week is to create brief  video devotionals. 

Consider shooting simple videos (can be done with an iPhone!) and offering a short devotional which can then be shared on social media, as well as a video platform such as YouTube.

Pick which sermon series you would like to pull content from. An easy way to choose is to revisit one of your favorites. 

Start by taking one of the main points of your sermon and write down a few thoughts to support it. 

Then, formulate an ultra mini sermon from that point. Remember, stick with one main point you’d like to get across. Time yourself to see how long it takes to speak it eloquently and without rushing. Try to keep it to 6-7 minutes max.

Practice delivering it a couple times, then record yourself delivering the sermon with your smartphone.

Now, you have options on delivery mode. You could send your videos via email that your people subscribe to. Or you could post them to your church’s YouTube channel. If your church doesn’t have a YouTube account, you can easily get one! 

Another option is to post your video devotionals on your church website, and share the link in your church’s social media accounts.

Use Your Team to Develop Video Devotionals

Consider allowing others on your staff or volunteer teams to create video devotionals also. This allows your church to provide a variety of communication styles and takes the burden off of you to produce all of it.

If you do recruit others to join in on the video creation process, you want to be sure they are solid in their faith and mature enough to deliver quality content that aligns with your core beliefs. Be sure you trust them fully – not just passing off the responsibility to get it off your own plate. 

Your Congregation is Looking for Authentic Content Online

Think about it – right now people are consuming content like never before. People receive it in a variety of ways, but having devotionals in both written and visual form allows you to reach a broader audience.

Your people — and even people you’re trying to reach — want authentic content. As much as everyone on social media makes an effort to put up a good front, those who are seeking God and something deeper truly desire real connection and authenticity. 

This is great news because it means your video devotional presentations don’t have to be perfect! Just be real; be you. Another great thing about pre-recorded messages is that you can redo it if you mess up!

Creating and Delivering Online Devotionals Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Because this is new for you, it’s wise to start small when launching your devotional. Don’t have enormous expectations for yourself as you begin –– especially if you don’t have any help just yet. 

There are several other different delivery systems you can use to get your devotionals in front of your audience. We unpack several options in this article, which also includes a lot more detail regarding the reasons why creating devotionals is a great idea and what should be included in them. 

Learn how to assess whether your content is not just good, but great by visiting our blog at:

As you consider how to fulfill your calling as pastor in this day and age, we hope you’ll find courage to try something new. Video devotionals just might become one of your favorite ways to minister to your people. All it takes is setting aside a little time to plan, practice, record, and share. You can do it. We believe in you!

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